How Can Low Quality Sunglasses Damage the Eyes?

Sunglasses are a very common accessory used by people all around the world. There are a variety of sunglasses available in the market with a range full of different designs as well as different shades of colour and cut.

The sunglasses also have a range in how much it costs. Some of them are very cheap while others are extremely expensive depending on it’s manufacturer and brand name.

However no matter what type of sunglasses you might own, the main aim of owning and using sunglasses is to block the bright sun rays and make your sight rather comfortable.

While all sunglasses can help you block the rays some might actually do some damage as it isn’t necessarily blocking the highly dangerous rays as we think they are.

Mostly the cheap sunglasses that we buy from local shops or drugstores are usually of very low quality and they do not help you clear your vision very well. But instead due some damage to your eyes in some or the other ways.

How particularly low-quality sunglasses are hard on our eyes?

As mentioned earlier, many might just use sunglasses to provide them darkness from the sun rays. However cheap low quality sunglasses might provide you that but not save you from the actual damage that the UV (Ultraviolet) light can do to us.

They don’t filter the harmful UV Rays

Most of these sunglasses do not have UV filters in them. Therefore instead of saving or protecting us these sunglasses let the UV Rays come in contact with our eyes and that can be fatal, for sure! In turn, it causes several problems in different parts of our eyes.

Low quality glasses exposes your eyes more

Low quality sunglasses also increase the exposure of your eyes towards the UV rays that can cause huge damages. It is merely because of the use of bad or not very good light filters.

Poor optical quality

The optical quality of your sunglasses play a very important role when it comes to protecting your eyes. Low quality opticals will not protect your eyes, rather put much more strain if you wear them for a longer period of time.

The less quality of the frame warping, as well as the lenses, can be the reason for it. These glasses not only fail to save you from the UV rays but also put extra pressure on your eyes and damage it further.

Impact Resistance

Impact resistance is another important feature of a good quality sunglass that might not be present in cheap low-quality sunglasses. This feature enables one to see clearly through bright sunlight or haze without any harm out into the eyes; be it hurt or irritation or any other damage.

Low-quality glasses often lack these therefore it is important to choose a lightweight product as well lense to help you protect yourself from the harmful rays.

Comfort ability

Being comfortable is the most important thing, and most of these low-quality sunglasses can cause heavy visual strain on our eyes.

They can cause eye strain as well as burning sensation if used for a while, on the other hand, better quality glasses and lense also provide you coolness in your eyes as well as less strain.

How to choose a better quality sunglass?

It is quite easy to choose a quality sunglass as you can easily understand and feel the difference in the material and lenses when you start using it. However, make sure to consult an optical expert before you buy one.

An optometrist will help you choose one perfect for you. One of the things that you can take care of while buying sunglasses is to see if they are professionally prescribed.

Check if they are labeled as being able to block or absorb UV rays up to 90 to 100%. Large lenses with proper coverage are also good along with being lightweight.

Nonetheless, the color or shade, or shape doesn’t matter much if it is promised to block UV rays 100%.


So, if you are using low-quality sunglasses, it is the perfect time to get rid of them and save your eyes from any further damage.

Furthermore, consult an optical expert, get checked, and buy moderate UV rays protective sunglasses.

Think twice as it can be the best friend for your eyes and save you from any strain or damage!

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