Add New Life to Your Windows

How to Add New Life to Your Windows

It’s always important to take care of your windows as not only do they help to keep the heat in your home, but they can make a difference to the overall appearance of your property, too. If your windows are currently looking grimy or appear to have seen better days, it’s worth thinking about upgrading them to help your home look and feel cleaner, as well as more stylish. Here are a few ways you can add new life to your windows if you think they need sprucing.

Clean Them

This is the simplest way you can make your windows look better, and you should have them cleaned fairly regularly to keep your property looking at its best. You can do this yourself with a glass cleaner or a homemade version if you’re on a budget, but hiring professional window cleaners to take care of the windows on higher floors is a good idea. They will have the expertise and the right safety equipment to do the job properly, which saves you from putting yourself at risk.

Add Shutters

If your windows need more than a clean to improve their appearance, consider adding some shutters for a stylish touch. Shutters look wonderful in any property, but they work particularly well for country-style houses or cottages, and other period properties. ShuttersUp is a company that specializes in installing shutters for windows and has a range of designs to choose from if you are looking for some inspiration.

New Window Frames

Another way to breathe some fresh life into your windows is by having different frames fitted. Many properties have the usual white plastic UPVC frames that are durable and look fine, but they can also be a bit predictable. If you want your windows to make more of a statement, consider different colors to make them stand out. Wooden frames are also an option for something a bit different, and again, these look great for cottages as they fit in with the overall aesthetics of these types of properties.

Experiment with Glass Panes

You will want to be able to see out of your windows clearly, but if your property is close to the sidewalk or road and you would like more privacy, you can always experiment with the glass panes to help with this. A lot of people put up net curtains or sheer drapes to obscure the view into their homes, but this can reduce the light coming into your home. Instead, consider having frosted glass panes put in so you can still have plenty of natural light, but people can’t see into your home easily. You could even choose to include stained glass patterns in some of your windows if you want to add some color or incorporate a vintage look.

Get New Drapes

Finally, if you’re happy with your windows or don’t have the budget to do some of the other suggestions listed, adding some new drapes or blinds could help you spruce up the appearance of your windows from the interior perspective. They will frame your windows and can make them look more appealing, especially when matched with the décor of that room.

If you think your windows could use revamping, think about these suggestions and pick one that best suits your needs and budget.

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