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Become a Successful Nurse

How to Become a Successful Nurse?

Becoming a nurse is one of the toughest yet noblest professions. Nursing has become one of the most common professions taken up by people in the healthcare industry, it is mostly a female-dominated profession. 

A nurse is someone who is trained in a way to help people and provide medical care and assistance. Nurses are given heavy training to ensure that they work efficiently during emergencies as well. They work very closely with the doctors hence have profound in-depth knowledge about a lot of things. 

Nursing training has different branches, some work with doctors to provide pre and postoperative care as well as take care of the requirements of the patient. In case of diet or so, some are trained to take care of the equipment and maintain medical records as well as monitor infusion and medication. 

One can choose whichever nurse training they would want to get. Other than obvious educational qualifications nurses are also required to inhibit certain qualities and emotions unique to their profession. It will all in all help them become a successful nurse. 

Here is a list of the important things you should consider to become a successful nurse.

Essential things to consider to become a successful nurse. 

1.   Eligibility (educational qualification)

There are certain degrees as well as basic education qualifications required before you become a successful nurse. 

Some of them are, 

·         Gradation 

The candidates must have passed 10+2 from the recognized board with a subject combination of physics+chemistry+biology. Anyone with a diploma of the same subject combination is also eligible for the same. 

They must have 45% in their 10+2 or diploma courses. However, there is a relaxation for certain backward categories which vary from different colleges.

·         Cut-off marks 

For admission in nursing, one must have passed the 10th board with 50% from a recognized board as well as an institution.

·         Entrance exam 

One should have a valid passing certificate of nursing entrance exam which is compulsory for any other courses like Ph.D. course or postgraduate.

·         Registration 

One must Register themselves under the State Nursing Council before getting employed.

One can also apply for the post of basic specialization after completion of their degree for one year. 

These skills and eligibility criteria include critical nurse training, oncology nursing, neonatal nursing, neuro nursing, a practitioner in midwife, etc.

 2.      Skills required.

As mentioned earlier there are certain skills that a successful nurse should exhibit. 

Here are those.

·         Communication Skills 

Nurses have to communicate with a lot of patients as well as doctors hence it becomes quite important to have good communication skills.

·         Kindness 

Having empathy for others, especially for the sick, injured, and patients in pain is very important. They should not be forced to help but instead, they should be drawn to help them.

·         Attentiveness 

Nurses have a huge responsibility for listening to instructions doctors are giving and performing them. Therefore having a good attention span, as well as attention to different details, are very important. 

Having good attention would help them avoid mistakes which is very necessary as mistakes can cost even a life.

·         Decision-making skills 

To be able to make efficient yet fast decisions are also a very important skill for the nurses as they face emergencies every now and then. 

Hence they have to make quick yet right decisions under various circumstances regularly. 

There are plenty of types of job roles for nurses like registered nurses, nurse practitioners, travel nurses, ICU registered nurses, and so on. One can specialize in any of them and work accordingly.  However, having empathy and the will to help others is the basis for a nurse’s career. To become a successful nurse it is important that you not only have educated yourself well with the degree but also are able to acquire more knowledge from time to time and help the patients whenever required.

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