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Breast Cancer

What Are the Signs of Breast Cancer?

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases and one such is Breast Cancer. It starts with the breast where the cancer cells begin to grow. There are different types of breast cancer and it begins to grow in different parts of the breast. 

The signs and symptoms are not the same for everyone. It could be a lump in the breast, the armpit, discharge from the nipple, skin changing, or pain in the breast. Here we will know the signs of breast cancer so that you can recognize the warning.

The Common Symptoms of Breast Cancer to Notice

Some of the common symptoms of breast cancer to notice are 

·         A lump  

The first common symptom that you might notice is a lump in your breast or in the armpit.

If you are dealing with one then you should really be worried enough to consult with your doctor.

·         Swelling in the armpit or close to the collarbone

Secondly, you may find a swelling in the armpit area or near your collarbone. 

This means that your problem has become serious enough as breast cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. 

·         Pain

You may experience pain sometimes in the lump.

 The lumps do not hurt commonly but they may give you a sense of prickling from time to time.

·         Intended area 

One may find a flat or intended area on their breast and this could be because of the tumor that the individual cannot see or feel.

·         Certain changes

People dealing with breast cancer may find certain changes in their breasts which may include changes in the size, contour, texture, temperature, and more. 

Other changes in the nipples may also take places like burning, itching, sores, dimpled nipples, discharge from the nipple, and more.

The Types Of Breast Cancer and the  Warning Signs They Come With !!

Here are the types of breast cancer that you should be aware of and the warning signs that should not be ignored. 

·         Ductal Carcinoma 

It is a common type of breast cancer that begins with the ducts. The symptoms include a breast lump or bloody discharge from the nipples.

·         Lobular Carcinoma

This takes place in the glands where the milk is made. The symptoms may include thickening or swelling in one area or inverted nipples. 

·         Metastatic Breast Cancer 

Metastatic breast cancer can lead the cancer cells to spread from one part of your body to another. 

The symptoms include headache, pain in the bone, yellow skin, nausea, belly swelling, muscle weakness, trouble breathing, weight loss, and more.

·         Invasive Breast Cancer 

Common signs of invasive breast cancer include a lump in the armpit or your breast. 

It basically causes swelling in the breast that can make one breast look different from the other. You may experience pain, skin sores, rashes on the skin

·         Inflammatory Breast Cancer 

Inflammatory Breast Cancer has symptoms just like infections. 

The warning signs include swollen and warm breasts, leathery skin, inverted nipples, and discharge from the nipples.

·         Papillary Carcinoma 

These are very rare types of ductal cancer. It is known for the tiny lumps on the tumor and the symptoms include a hard cyst or bloody discharge from the nipples. 

·         Angiosarcoma 

Angiosarcoma occurs in less than 2% of people. The most common signs that you may experience include a lump in the breast, a purplish area on the skin that may look like a bruise, and pain in a particular area.  If you experience any kind of symptoms then it is better not to ignore them. Talk to your family members and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

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