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How To Build The Perfect Video Streaming Service?

2020 has brought with it a digital wave of online streaming services. The pot of these services that was simmering the past few years exploded in a massive way this year once the people shut themselves inside their houses due to the ongoing pandemic. The online streaming platforms are booming with new business and higher profits as more and more people are turning towards these services daily.

The massive rise in demand has made this a lucrative business area. Newer platforms are being added to the list daily.

So, how does one create a platform which is unique and stands out against the multi-million-dollar brands?

  • The first and most obvious part has to be the Home page. The landing page of any platform is the first thing that a user sees once they log-on to the platform. It creates the first impression that is going to build the base of customer interaction. It should have the right combination of aesthetics and accessibilities to deliver a quality experience to the customer using it. A personal touch is also required to make the customer feel special. Recommendation algorithms should be used to suggest content to the customers which they like.
  • Quick guides to make the user more comfortable with the platform. The guide should not be too detailed. It should be presented in an interactive way which explains every aspect of the platform to the customer. This will ensure the customer gets a good experience and continues using the platform.
  • Connect with social media platforms. If a platform wants to be successful, some sort of tie-up with social media platforms is required. Giving the customers to sign in using different social media platforms or share their favorite content on other platforms goes a long way in establishing a strong rapport with the customer.
  • Having dedicated profiles for all users of the platform is also absolutely crucial. It makes the user feel familiar with the platform and gives a sense of belonging. The profile can also have a dashboard with all the navigation buttons making surfing through the platform easier for the user. The profiles can also as a mode of collecting insights through user behavior.
  • An option that allows the user to customize the platform to suit their own requirements is also very important. The settings button may include other options such as streaming quality, privacy settings and payment options if the platform is paid.
  • A search button also helps in increasing customer satisfaction levels. The customer can narrow down the exact piece of content they wish to watch using the search button. This comes handy in platforms such as Xcine who offer a variety of content, a customer can simply search the required title they want and view it.

Therefore, setting up a video streaming platform is not easy, to say the least. A lot of upcoming services coming up try to replicate the model of well-established services but that usually does not work as the people already have something similar available in the market. So, any service striving to make it big in the industry should always have something that other services do not offer. This will allow them to build a brand. Building a brand out of a video streaming service can never be simple but luckily, we live in the world of innovation where newer and better technologies are being introduced daily in the market. Leveraging these technologies and delivering a high-quality and distinct product to the customer can only work. At the end of the day, customers will be attracted to a digital space that has uniqueness and provides content in a way that puts the customer first. Any upcoming video streaming service should strive for that because the service will only last as long as the customers last.

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