Thursday , September 21 2023
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What Are The New Social Media Platform?

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. If you are a small trader, you have been using these highest social media titans to divide your content, encourage your products and services, and expand your business. But competitor platforms are produced all the time, and most of them do not get success as others. A few provide jumbo-famous platforms to earn money. Moreover, if you’re a beginner of up-and-coming replacement, your organization could get huge advantages. In this article, now we are going to discuss some new social media platforms that are very popular now a day. These are:


Previously it was also called TikTok has become great popularity in the young generation. Actually, according to research, the TikTok app was downloaded fourth-most times maximum in the last year. TikTok is small-form videos that beat on a curve, such as now-defunct Vine. It is easy to produce and share video content for users, the extra feature of TikTok is the addition of musical overlays, and this thing makes distinct TikTok from other video-making platforms.


In late 2018, Lasso was quietly released. Lasso is normally a Facebook version of this app, there are fun filters and effects, and with the help of the users can create and share short videos. Log into Facebook or Instagram accounts; users can cross-post their videos on their Facebook Stories. It is said that the feature in which Lasso videos would be added to Instagram Stories will come in the future. Lasso is not famous as TikTok, but I hope so, it will compete for other apps very soon.


Vero is the replacement of Instagram. This app does not contain any ads, data mining or algorithms. TV shows, movies, photos, music, books, links and much more can be shared by users on Vero. Moreover, there are four categories: close friends, friends, acquaintances or followers and users can select any category that can see their posts. In this app, there are no ads, and brands have to work with influencers and pay for their posts on the “Buy Now” button. It is the best platform for organizations that wish to develop a deep and durable relation with their clients.


Steemit is a new social media platform site and blogging which is based on blockchain. that rewards users for creating and curating content with the cryptocurrency STEEM. So, the user is paid on producing upvoted content. And there are also payments on upvoting the content of others, and hence users get their digital STEEM tokens and can make real money by exchanging. This Reddit replacement is not confined to cryptocurrency and technology. Users can produce a huge amount of content like traveling, photography, sports, and music.


Twitch was produced by a team of ex-Apple designers, and major focus was on gaming, entertainment, and the creative arts, and Caffeine is a social media broadcasting platform similar to Twitch . for friends and followers, you can produce live broadcasts, and viewers can communicate with you in real-time through comments and emoji reactions.

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