How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider for You

How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider for You?

Everyone and every business around the world want to showcase their products, services, the company, and even themselves online and reach out to the world immediately! Renowned hosting providers have started with issuing reseller accounts where anyone can register and become a web hosting company, and start selling hosting services to the ones who look for it. But will they be able to offer the same packages and services as the original hosting providers? Not at all. And that is why while choosing the hosting company, you need to be careful. To choose the best hosting provider for you make sure that they have these essential qualities.

  1. Storage space

Before you buy a hosting service make sure you check the storage space provided. If they are providing limited storage then make sure they have an easy plan to upgrade facilities. Make sure you have enough space compared to what you want to do with your website. Webspace is cheap so get a lot of it.

  1. Page Loading Speed

The speed should be high and available for 24×7. Test the web hosts’ sites as well as their customers’ sites to check if they are good at speed. People don’t like to wait for what they want so if your website is slow then they will go somewhere else instead of waiting and in this way you will lose customers. You wouldn’t like your website to be down for even a minute so make sure it is blazing fast.

  1. Customer support

Make sure that there’s customer support as problems can arise anytime. Check that your hosting provider has the best customer support service. They should also have customer support service options like live chats, phone-based and ticket-based, and also make sure if they have a published phone number.

  1. Should be reliable 

Make sure the web host you’re looking for is reliable because every time your website goes down, your number of visitors too. And if you start losing visitors you start losing profits as well as reputation. Before purchasing one make sure they have a good reputation, have guaranteed uptime, look for their complaints, and also verify from other users.

  1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a measure of how many bytes you serve over a given period of time. The bandwidth should be unlimited. Make sure your web host allows you to buy more bandwidth.

  1. Server location

Local web hosts are faster, reliable, and easier to manage than those who are far away. The best host for you will be the one which is in the same or nearby country as that of your visitors. For example, if your site gets most of the visitors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc countries, then choose the server location nearest to these countries. Also, make sure that their website information is safe and secured on their servers.

  1. Understand the server types

There are various types of hosting services like shared hosting service, reseller hosting service, private server, dedicated server hosting, cloud web hosting. The cheapest one is the shared servers where the main server is accessed by lots of websites. But if you do not want to share your performance with other sites then choose a dedicated server.

  1. Free domain name

Look for the hosting company that provides you a free domain name as it can be an advantage for you.

Great hosting depends on three things i.e. speed, support, and security. Some of the best and fastest hosting services for new websites are Bluehost, HostGator, Hostinger, Dreamhost, SiteGround, WPengine, Kinsta, Bigrock, Godaddy, and more. Please do good research on them, take online reviews before choosing the hosting company for your site.

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