Recruitment Agencies in Adelaide

How to Decide on Recruitment Agencies in Adelaide SA

Most of the young and talented individuals are looking for a job. You will be able to decide which of the recruiting agency would suit you and your budget.


A company which is paid to find suitable candidate for the recruiting company is known as the recruiting company. You may also call them as a middleman between you and your hiring company.

Why Is It Better To Use A Recruitment Agency?

Getting a job or hiring a person who is suitable is quite hard in this highly competitive job market. Recruitment agency saves your precious time when you visit website, improve the quality of hire and get additional security, where a promise is made that you would find a job and keep it for a certain time. Hence it is always better to find a job through a recruitment agency. Let’s provide you with important pointers which will help you find the correct recruitment agency.

Save Time

The recruitment company can save your time in two ways. The first reason is hiring process. They save your time as a job seeker as they are professionals and recruit for a living. So, they have specialized in understanding the skillset of a person. Thus, no long interview and recruiting rounds. Secondly, they have an application pool and call the right people for the interview for the job opening. Hence simplifying the cycle of recruitment. So, you will be able to recruit the best person in a small-time frame.

Quality of Hire

Many companies turn to recruitment agency so that the quality of hire is improved. Every recruitment specializes in a specific industry. So, if you get them to hire employees for you it would not take much time as they already have database of people in that field.

No Expertise

There are many companies which don’t have a dedicated recruiter and lack expertise and resources when it comes to hire people. So, to find the best candidate most of them choose the agency.

Cost To Use the Agency

You might have a question in your mind about how much would the recruitment agency charge you if you are an employer? According to a survey it costs and approximate $4,000. However different agencies might charge you differently. It depends on the number of people, type of industry, type of position and salary of the position you have quoted. Normally any recruitment agency charges you 15 % of the amount of annual salary of the candidate you have chosen. However, the fees can increase if you are looking to hire a person in a senior management role.

Types of Recruitment Agency

There are in general three type of agencies in market. You can choose the best agency which will fit your hiring needs accordingly if you understand the classification, which are classified as General, Staffing, and Executive.

• General Agencies: They focuses on hiring healthcare professionals, hospitality, and retail, finance and technology staff. They generally hire middle -entry staff.
• Staffing:
They generally focus on recruiting temporary staff.
• Executive: They focus on recruiting executives for firms.

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