How To Fix QuickBooks Error 6147

How To Fix QuickBooks Error 6147

Even as trying to open the authentic client files or their backup, QuickBooks user has said dealing with the QuickBooks file error 6147. Intuit offers an in-constructed repair software referred to as the file doctor with its QuickBooks software; however, the software reportedly fails to restoration QuickBooks error 6147. There is another error related to this error which can stifle your QuickBooks desktop which is Quickbooks error 6000.

The pleasant route inside the kind of scenario is to get to the muse of the issue. Discover what’s triggering the error after which solve it right there in order that it doesn’t reoccur.

Why Occur QuickBooks Error 6147

The error in question would possibly occur as a result of any of the motives:

  • Backup file name exceeding the restriction of 210 characters.
  • Attempt to restore a backup (*.QBB extension) from a community electricity
  • Damaged company(QBW) record.
  • Depending upon the precise motive, there may be corresponding solutions to the problem.

Solution Of  QuickBooks Error 6147

QuickBooks must try every viable troubleshooting method. A number of the fixation strategies are stated below.

Solution 1:

The QuickBooks user to install the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. This utility assists the users to resolve the error related to the corrupted company file and network errors. You can without delay go to the legitimate internet site of  “Intuit” as a way to cast off the error.

Solution 2:

If QuickBooks backup file name isn’t correct or exceeds the character restrict, go to a new location and restore the backup documents by following steps.

  • The system is not operating over the multi-consumer environments.
  • Restore the backup file which can be stored within the system.
  • Verify the error code still exists.
  • In case the error code still exists, trade the QB company file name if a way that its call does now not contain characters more than than120.
  • Verify the error code again.

Solution 3:

Use the QuickBooks company file Diagnostic device with a view to seek and fix the corrupted company documents. In case, this tool does not help you out, you ought to go through the intuit’s encouraged records damage fixation steps.

Solution 4: 

 in case you find that the QB backup files begins becoming elaborate. If the QB record locates at network pressure or backup documents are hosted by using the net QB backup, you need to circulate and save the QB associated documents to some different region.

  1. Verify that system hosting is not finished.
  2. Within the QB application, Select the file menu.
  3. Select the utility button.
  4. If the user sees the Stop Hosting Multi-user alternative inside the drop-down menu, The QB person supposed to follow the steps under.

                     A    Restriction the access to “multiple user hosting”

                     B    A display will pop-up with “YES”. Click on it.

                     C    A new window will be open.

                     D    Select  “YES” with the closed company fie.

                     E    Repair the current backup document inside the system.

Solution 5:

Verify and configure the “ trend micro active Scan”.

  • Find the company file, where is stored.
  • Without touching any QB company document, press the “ctrl key” on the keyboard and click on the QuickBooks icon so that it will open it.
  • Go to the drop-down menu,
  • Select the desired company file.
  • Choose and open the “ trend micro active Scan” setting.
  • Choose the folder and upload it to an exception.


I hope this blog will be helpful for you, In this blog, we have told about QuickBooks error 6147. We have also provided the best solution for you. So that you can remove the desktop problem. If you cannot solve the problem, then you can go to our QuickBooks Error Support and take help.

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