How to get more Followers and Likes on TikTok?

How to get more Followers and Likes on TikTok?

The social media platforms have developed over the past few years as an everyday medium and have become an integral part of society. One platform in particular is becoming increasingly popular: TIK TOK. With more than 800 million active users worldwide, the successor to the app is currently one of the most popular platforms. First and foremost, the younger target group (69% of users are between 16-24 years old) has a TIK TOK fever and spends a lot of time on the social network with an average of 50 minutes per day. You can also check TikTok users and followers in 2020 here!

Post regularly on TikTok

To build a loyal fan base, you’ll need to post new clips regularly. You should upload at least one TikTok every day, successful TikTok stars like Addison Rae usually publish 2-3 clips a day. If you rarely post, users can quickly lose interest and your account will go under.

Exchange ideas with the TikTok community

Follow other accounts on TikTok, watch other users’ clips, comment on them, and diligently distribute likes on TikTok. You can make even more people aware of your profile and gain new followers. Are you shooting a new video? Then get support from another TikTok user, a cool TikTok duet can increase the reach of your clips.

Stay yourself

Remember: Your personality is the secret of your TikTok success! You don’t have to pretend to be likes and followers, because of course videos are best received by other users. In order to make your account on TikTok better known, you should not only join viral trends but also post unique content. What can you do especially good? Do you have a secret talent? Share your ideas with the community, with original clips you can attract attention and stand out from the crowd.

Produces cool, original videos that a lot of people want to see.

It’s that simple too. But actually this is one of the most important requirements for you to get a lot of Tik-Tik fans and likes.

TikTok: Tips for getting more likes

Shoot your videos in a good light

If you take your TikToks in a good light, they will look a lot more professional. On you film yourself in front of a window, or even better record the TikTok outside! If it’s already dark, try it in front of a bright (preferably daylight) lamp!

Learn the text

If you have the text on it, the TikTok immediately looks a lot cooler. It also allows you to concentrate better on the movements!

Use cool filters

Before you record a TikTok, you can click the filter button at the bottom left. You can even change your hair or eye color there! That brings variety and comes out pretty nice.

Most important! Be yourself! One thing is particularly important: you should always have fun with it! My personal insider tip: never pretend. You only come across as authentic and, above all, personable when you are yourself. Believe me: your audience can feel it when you really enjoy dancing!

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