How to Keep My Office Germ Free?

How to Keep My Office Germ Free?

In the present times owing to the threat of the global pandemic, most countries of the world are observing continuous stretches of lockdown. Quintessentially months of lockdown is having a terrible effect on the economy of these nations. Recognizing this pattern of inevitable dilapidation, even in this hazardous situation commercial organizations and corporate offices are slowly opening up, trying to resume their original course of operations. However, even then the offices have to maintain certain disciplines of hygiene and social distancing. In these circumstances, the safety of the employees is the prime concern of the organizations. This is why most organizations are taking up different measures of office sanitization.

Several measures of maintaining high standards of hygiene are being discussed across the world. The industry of sanitization seems to have assumed a very important role and the industry in the wake of a global pandemic is experiencing a boom like never before. Offices across the world are adopting different measures to keep their ambiances germ free. Let us take a look at some of them.

Appoint professional office disinfection services

General cleaning and expert office sanitization are two completely different things. Cleaning is a process that tries to remove dust and dirt and maintain the ambiance of the company. This is a process that removes a selected number of microorganisms. In general condition, this is a process that would have been sufficient but given the present era of health threats, specialized cleaning, and eradication of microorganisms is the new need of the hour. This is where the office disinfection services have become the new necessity of corporate setups.

These office sanitization companies offer an all-rounded cleaning and disinfection of the offices. Their services aim at not just cleaning the office and making it more inhabitable and attractive, but kill the germs and viruses that might be lurking in some of the most innocent places, such as the elevator buttons, doorknobs and handles the general office tables and surfaces, the air conditioning systems and so on. The office disinfection services provide an all-rounded service of office sanitization that offers a much better degree of protection to the employees of the organization.

Services from Office sanitization companies must be supported by responsible employees

To keep the office germ-free is not the prerogative of the employers alone. The employees happen to be just as responsible for it. Hence the employees and the management of the organization must come together to fight the current situation of health threats and try and maintain a high standard of hygiene within the organization. The following are some of the practices that employees can follow in addition to the services of office sanitization companies:

  • Wash hands with soap and water once every hour.
  • Washing of hands is mandatory after the use of elevators, opening doors, meeting visitors, handling money, etc.
  • Always maintain a distance from another person in your office.
  • Cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing.
  • It is best not to share food with anyone in the office.
  • Carry your water bottle and drink from the same throughout the office hours. Refill the same bottle once empty.
  • Be careful while using the common washroom.

Allow rest or work from home for sick employees

One of the elemental steps to ensure germ protection for office is to allow the sick employees to take rest at their homes. While convalescence if they feel strong enough and if the company is in a need these employees must be allowed to work from home. This is one step, which can ensure that the sick employees do not spread viruses amongst the other healthier ones.

On a closing note, it must be said that closing all offices and putting a halt to commercial activities is not a solution to fight the current situation. If anything it will cripple the economy of the nations and the world as a whole and will make life miserable for millions. Observing proper measures and standards of germ protection for offices and their employees must be a long-term solution.

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