How To Make Money With Clickbank?

Do you want to make money earning as simple as possible? Well then, the job of affiliate marketing is just right for you. But to earn money through affiliate marketing you need to generate traffic and for that here is the whole article about it; in which we have provided all the proven and most popular strategies to generate traffic as an affiliate marketer for Click Bank products.

How to check out the most trending searches through Click bank?

To find the offers there will be an option of Affiliate Marketplace on the top right-hand side and you need to click on it and that will open up everything for you on the topic which you have provided in the Search pane and you have to hit “Sort Results By-> Popularity”. To have an idea about what is really the product, one might want to click on that link which takes you to the landing page and this is how they generate their income. These days even many hyperlocal business models are adapting to affiliate/referral type of strategies to reach more customers. So it’s always worth learning ways to make money with such affiliate site.

How to earn money with ClickBank using Facebook?

To earn profit using ClickBank, you need as much of traffic that you can drive to the landing page and for this you need Facebook as most of the people to use that but the problem is that people use it for their entertainment or to socialize, so you can provide them with such a topic or an ad which are the most popular like the weight loss remedies or anti-aging remedies, etc.

How to make money with ClickBank using Instagram?

Create a fan page related to the product cubbyhole you want to foster. Then it’s all about causing your images to go viral and creating a fan page with a massive following, you can then promote affiliate products to your fans. Here are some of the ways listed below:

Using Instagram Bots

This is one of the most popular methods to make money on Instagram. The bots will follow other people interested in your niche and if they follow you back then you can earn money through that. On your Instagram account, you have a link to a landing page where you can collect an email then forward them to the affiliate offer page.

Join Engagement Groups and Post Viral Content

There are some of the IG engagement groups where people will like your posts and vice –versa. It strengthens your IG video or image into the explorer page, which is where everyone goes to find the stuff. Once you get the views on your videos or images, then you can create a custom audience with Facebook advertising and show ads related to that niche in IG or FB with a regretting ad to those people that engaged with you already, often times you will get much cheaper cost per day.

How to make money with Click bank using Affiliate sites or blogs?

You can register your domain at and use a host like Bluehost for hosting your site. Install WordPress on your site at Bluehost Cpanel. You can write whatever content you wish for but make sure which keyword you are using as through that you will get to know that what ranking you will get on Google but you can make it through high ranking by learning the skills required for it.

Backlink Building Strategies:

Just building a wonderful site and expecting that it will get reviews and you will be a millionaire by the end of the month. Then that is not going to happen as this is not the early 20’s. You need to rank your site on Google and for that you need Backlinks.


Clickbank is a great platform for affiliate marketers to search and find products from all different types of categories you can promote to earn a commission. Try researching other people promoting the same affiliate offer, how are they generating traffic? Are they making YouTube videos or Instagram or blog?  Start liking different fan pages within that niche on Facebook and you will begin to see ads related to that niche. Study these ads, the landing pages they are using and model after that. Success leaves clues.

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