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How to Make Sure You Are Working with the Right PPC Agency?

Pay-per-click is a crucial method to get steady website traffic and new leads. It also helps small and medium businesses achieve consistent web presence and develop brand recognition. To achieve better results from your campaigns, you need to partner with the right PPC agency. Here are some ways to ensure you are working with the right consultant.


Digital marketing trends constantly evolve, and you need to fast adapt to these changes. Leading PPC agencies take their team’s education seriously. Several PPC certifications impart basic to advanced knowledge about PPC tools.

One of them is Google Ads certification, a professional accreditation offered by Google to individuals who demonstrate basic proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads. A person with Google Ads certification is seen as an expert in online advertising.

Before you choose any PPC agency, you need to check the certifications their staff has. Some certifications you need to check for include:

  • Google Ads certification
  • YouTube Ads certification
  • Bing Ads certification
  • Facebook Blueprint certification

Leading PPC agencies have badges like Google Partner Agency or Facebook Marketing partner, which ensures that the agency has marketing staff with good PPC knowledge to drive positive results.


Communication is an essential aspect of any partnership, and the PPC campaign is no different. Before selecting a PPC partner, you need to establish how exactly both parties will communicate. Every consultant has different modes of communication and frequencies. However, the agency must be ready to align the communication model to suit your needs.

When evaluating a PPC consultant, ask agencies about their communication process. They must offer a single point of contact to ensure communication is efficient and effective. You need to look at how quickly they respond to your questions, concerns, and change in strategies.

The partnership with PPC agencies is long and may last a few years. Communication plays a vital role in collaboration. Hence, the communication aspect is crucial. Some questions you must ask here are:

  • Do you like speaking to them?
  • Do they make you comfortable when you speak about your concerns?
  • Are they able to address all concerns effectively?


Contracts of any type are binding on both parties. Hence, you need to be careful while signing any contract. If you are working with a PPC consultant for the first time, you might be fearful of signing a contract for 6-months or a year. However, there is a reason for most PPC agencies looking for 6-month or year-long contracts.

Building a PPC campaign from scratch involves lots of work and money. Most agencies don’t earn an ROI for their clients for the first few months. It may take a substantial time to see results and growth in revenue.  Sometimes, it can take around three months to see results.

While contracts are standard in the PPC arena, you need to be careful about the terms and conditions. If you are doubtful about any of them, you can seek legal advice. Make sure the contract is aligned to your goals and expectations before signing along the dotted line.

Industry Experience

Every industry and its audience is different. Hence, no single PPC strategy applies to all. The rules and strategy of customer engagement change with the business niche. While choosing a PPC consultant, make sure the agency has industry experience related to your business.

When you select an agency with experience in your business niche, they will be more effective and resonant in creating an ad copy that strikes with the audience. It increases the chances of your success, and you may see results faster.


The PPC consulting agency is successful based on its PPC strategy. It can be challenging to assess the PPC consultant’s strategic abilities before signing a contract, but there are other ways to find out.

  • Does the agency know which platforms to target?
  • If you have an existing strategy, do they have suggestions to do things differently?
  • Can they explain how they will ensure the budget is spent most efficiently?


Another important factor while working with a PPC consultant is transparency. The agency should be willing to share the work details with you. This will help you know how the marketing budget is being utilized and how often they are working on your PPC campaign. A lack of transparency is always a sign that the company does not know what it does or maybe engaged with other clients’ work.

Take your time to evaluate the agency before making a decision. Working with the right agency will bring good dividends, and it will put your business on the fast track of growth.

This article is written by David Smith, a copywriter and content strategist. He helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI quickly. He loves reading books and car racing.

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