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Makeup Artist

How to Select the Best Makeup Artist?

Makeup artists help people in enhancing their beauty. They are one of the most in-demand professionals that people hire on various occasions to look their best on the day. We hire makeup artists for various functions such as birthday parties, engagement parties, weddings, even for going to someone’s wedding. Among all of these occasions, weddings are something makeup artists are mostly called for.

From very small to a big fat wedding irrespective of how big the wedding is, every bride dreams to look their best on a special day. From choosing clothes to jewellery, it’s tiresome for the bride, but everything can get wasted without a good makeup artist who has the ultimate responsibility to make the bride look her best.

So, everyone wants the best one for themselves. However, it’s not that easy to find the best makeup artist. Here we will help you by giving expert tips on how to hire the best makeup artist for yourself.

  • Book the makeup artist as soon as the dates are fixed

If you want the best then you have to be quick. Try to fix the date sooner and book the makeup artist as soon the date of your big day is fixed. It is quite evident that everyone wants the best for them.

So the best MUA will definitely not be free if you book them in 11th hours, then you might have to adjust with an average one. Nowadays makeup artists are so on demand that they get booked even 1 year before the date. So, you have to make it quick in order to get the best for your big day.

  • Search on social media and stalk them:

Nowadays, it is very easy to find a makeup artist and they generally keep their profile public. This helps you to go through lots of photos of their works with models, real brides and other clients. But you should not always believe those photos as they are generally edited with many filters and beautified.

So, have a look at those pictures very carefully and stalk the makeup artist to know more about their work type whether they work with models more or they work with real brides as well. And most importantly go through the reviews they get from their clients if possible. All this information you will get only by stalking their social media handles and this information will help you in the search of the best makeup artist.

  • Talk to the artist:

Talk to the makeup artists you have shortlisted. Yes, you heard it right. Don’t ever think of finalizing one artist just by stalking their social media accounts, there are many other things that should be considered before you hire a makeup artist.

Therefore, always shortlist the minimum of 3 to 5 makeup artists you like the most after seeing the photos of their works. Then talk to the shortlisted candidates through messages and if possible through the phone as well.

Tell them about your skin type, ask them whether they have worked with a similar one before or not. If they say yes, ask them to send BEFORE and AFTER pictures of that work.

Only if you are satisfied with the pictures, proceed to further discussions with them such as how much they charge per sitting, which products they use, etc.

  • Get a Trial makeup:

There is an old saying “Try before Buy”. Though you can’t expect from a makeup artist to give you a free trial as the products they use are costly. But, if you want no compromise with your look on this special day, I would definitely suggest you get a trail look done by the makeup artist no matter even if you have to pay.

Thus, a trial will be helpful in many ways like you will get to know about the behaviour of the makeup artist, you will have ideas about what kind of products they use for makeup, and most importantly their ability to make you look beautiful.

I hope that all the tips will be helpful to you when you go search for a makeup artist. You can search for makeup artists in many ways like by Googling it, on Facebook and Instagram. There are many makeup artists and many groups where you can find makeup artists.  Just search for them and stick to the rules, you will definitely find the best.

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