Cowboy Hat

How to Take Care For Your Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats do not come cheap. And that is one of the reasons for which you should take good care of your cowboy hat.

It will help if you acquaint yourself with the ways of taking care before buying a cowboy hat.

Here are the ways:


It would help if you were extra careful while storing your cowboy hat. Ensure that you keep your hat upside down on its crown to store so that it keeps its shape. Keep in mind that heat can cause your cowboy hat to shrink, so do not expose it to high heat for extended periods.

To avoid the negative consequences of heat, make sure that you do not leave your hat in your car or near heat sources.

The best place to store your hat is a hatbox or hat can. You can also store it in a hat rack if you wear your hat frequently.


Avoid touching your hat with a dirty or oily hand as that will leave spots on the fabric. Make sure that you pick up your hat, put it on, or take it off by the brim.


Make sure you do not dry your cowboy hat near a heat source. It is good to allow your hat to dry naturally, such as hanging it on a hat rack. It is, however, good to not let your cowboy hat get wet. If you want to put on your cowboy hat during rainy weather, do not fall behind getting a rain cover.


Cleaning is an essential part of taking care of your cowboy hat. And you might be surprised that it comprises a series of careful steps that you need to execute. You will know the entire process of cleaning your cowboy hat not only to enable it to play a long inning but also to keep its style from the infographic in this post.

How To Take Care For Your Cowboy Hat

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