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How to use Social Media for Increasing Engagement on Websites


Engagement of the users with the brand is what steers the users towards conversion and sales for the brand.

Consumer experience is the key element that shapes a consumer’s engagement with the brand. More fulfilling and positive consumer experience will result in more engagement possibilities.

But as a business, how can you provide complete consumer experience through your online presence i.e. your website?

Honestly, it is not possible to deliver a superior consumer experience that satisfies the diverse needs of consumers just through your website.

You will need the most influential entity out there i.e. Social Media and leveraging social media for increasing website engagements is what every marketer or business must focus on!

Social Media & Website engagement

Social Media & Website engagement

Social media has been the supreme leader in delivering the fulfilling consumer experience and it is evident with the fact that there are over 3.5 billion active social media users.

There are diverse social media platforms available to the users and the brands. Each social media platform has its own unique selling proposition that makes it distinct from others.

user management

Collectively these social media platforms are satisfying the vast needs & demands of consumers namely content browsing, sharing, exploring, or shopping and many more.

Whereas your business website can only cater to the limited needs of the consumers. It becomes essential that you link your online presence to social media to gain access to social superpowers.

So, instead of making investments in the website and overlooking social media superpowers, the focus should be the other way round.

We have listed a few ways through which you can utilize social media perfectly for your website & business to enhance user engagement.

  1. Leverage Content Marketing

Consumers these days are not interested in seeing and engaging with the brand pushed promotional content all the time. They want to see content that adds value & knowledge to their intelligence.

You as a brand should create and post snippets of interesting & engaging content on diverse trending and impactful topics.

content marketing

But be mindful to keep this content relevant and connected to your area of business.

These snippets can act as a hook on social media that can transfer the users to your website where they can find the detailed and extensive content of the hook snippet.

  1. Use Customer Generated Content

Digital innovations have been on the rise in recent years like never before. A social wall is one such digital product that can immensely help in increasing the user-engagement, brand exposure, reach and deliver superior customer experience through your website.

Social media platforms are heavily loaded with visual content like beautiful images, high-quality engaging videos, infographics, gifs, etc. This is a big reason for the popularity of social platforms.

Customer Generated Content

A social wall is a feed wall that displays visual user-generated content from different social media networks into one feed. Social media aggregator tools aggregate, moderate, customize, and display these social walls.

Social walls are useful in gathering and displaying influential user-generated content from social media. Besides, they also provide a shoppable post feature to the social wall.

Through Shoppable posts, users can buy products directly from the feed without hovering over different webpages.

It also enhances product discoverability, channelizes massive social traffic, displays fresh & unique content, and many other features as well.

  1. Invest in social promotions

It might sound basic but it is highly effective & influential in the present-day social media ecosphere. It is comparatively easy and simple to use paid advertising on social media.

Invest in social promotions

Social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. have advertising opportunities and tools. You can make the most of social promotion to channelize the interested users to your website.

Promotion through vanishing stories combined with contests, giveaways, quizzes or gamification can escalate the user engagement with the brands and you can guide this engagement to your website.

Users are highly interested in gaining social recognition, rewards, and mentions as it gratifies and gives fame to them.

These social promotion tactics can drive tremendous engagement and followers to your social profiles & website as these tactics tap emotions of & instigate actions from users.

  1. Personalization

 If there is the most crucial aspect that we need to consider as a business while forming any marketing strategy is to make it more personalized for the consumers.


Consumers are interested in engaging with the brands & campaigns that provide a personalized experience to them. As it adds more value, provides relevant & useful information, and delivers a prime consumer experience.

You can use social media analytics as well as your website analytics to gain a better understanding of consumer behavior, their interests, clicks & shares, ongoing trends in the industry, demographics, etc.

Based on these insights you can promote your personalized offers, discounts, product recommendations that will bring more users to the website with an already built interest to engage.

5.Build Community

Loyal customers are the best brand representatives for any business. As people tend to trust the words of existing customers when making a transaction with the business.

Build Community

Having loyal customers on social media will help in driving exposure, extended reach, awareness, and essentially positive word-of-mouth. But how can you achieve this?

Building relationships & community on social media and linking it to your website will help you achieve that.

You should engage and interact with consumers on social media platforms, answer their questions, hold quizzes & contests,  conduct giveaways, share their feedback & reviews.

This will create a relationship with the consumers which will bring them to the website and also exposure through them will bring more leads to your website.

  1. Use the right social network

There are multiple social media networks available at your disposal and each one has its unique selling proposition and the audience group.

But you need to find the right social network that fits with your needs, goals, and objectives. Also, it resonates well with your brand image.

For example:

LinkedIn: It is a social platform for corporate users mainly and is concerned mainly with commercial conversation and content. Therefore, If are a B2B, then you can use LinkedIn for your social media marketing and drive traffic to your business.

Facebook: Facebook is a platform that appropriately serves the purpose of creating awareness, generating leads, and relationship building. You can use this to for any kind of business that needs exposure to a huge audience & wants to generate leads through it.

Instagram: Instagram is a visual-heavy platform that can also be used to sell products through shoppable posts. So this can be an excellent social media network for businesses that are looking to increase their sales & conversions. Visual content & Shoppable posts can drive traffic to the website for engagement & conversions.

Similarly, there are many more so you can either choose a single network and focus on it or you can choose multiple that best serve your purpose.

This will help in having a more targeted and impactful strategy with the maximized potential of high returns

  1. Show your human side to the audience

If you are expecting consumers to engage with your brand then you should do the same to them as well. Even better, you can initiate a conversation with the audience.

Two-Way communication is the key to successful engagement, so using your social profiles you should respond to audience posts, tweets, images, questions, queries, etc.

This will help in instant gratification to the user as he will feel rewarded that his voice is being heard by the brand. This is an easy & trustful way to drive engagement.

These conversations and responses will show the human side of your brand that consumers can feel connected to and it will build brand loyalty and recognition.

  1. Nothing sells like a Story

Humans are emotionally-driven creatures and stories tap right into the emotions of an individual. Storytelling provides a creative approach to your social media marketing strategy.

You could use storytelling through your social promotions to hook consumers to drive further engagement actions that could bring them to your website.

Storytelling can get across the desired marketing message effectively with intended emotions for the consumers to better understand and connect with the brand.

Many brands use storytelling in their campaigns as this is influential and drives engagement from the users. Hence, Storytelling helps in forming deeper connections and deeper engagements.

  1. Embrace the Trends

Trends are known as a direction in which something is moving, changing, or developing. There are fresh trends every day on social media platforms that last for a short period but during that time consumers talk, share, browse, explore that topic.

You can make use of these trends for your social media and website to enhance the engagement. Trends can be about the endless number of topics, areas, or events.

So, do your research and explore the best trends about which consumers are talking & sharing. Based on that you can also get into the playing field and put your take on the trends out there.

This will help in showcasing your activeness, awareness, and humorous side to the audience about global activities. Users will also get engaged with you and you can encourage them to share their ideas and opinions on your website.

Further, you can feature the best user-generated content and reward the winners with coupons, discounts, or vouchers.

  1. Use Social Reviews on Your website

What social media has done best is that it has given voice to the consumers and has shortened the gap between brands and consumers. Now, the voice of the consumers is driving the actions of the brands.

Social Reviews on Your website

Reviews are a way through which consumers put out their opinions, feedback, and experiences with brands for the benefit of other consumers.

Social media is a great platform where consumers share their reviews.

So, you can aggregate and display these reviews from social platforms and embed it on your website. This will help in building trust among the users about the business.

Social reviews are highly influential and having them on your website can help in driving engagement and conversions.

  1. Make use of Live Video, QnA’s & Podcast

Social media has evolved extensively in recent years and it has introduced features that have been for the benefit of businesses and consumers.

QnA’s & Podcast

Live video streaming, Q&A sessions, Podcasts, etc. are such features that can be used to actively connect and interact with the audience. These features are immensely helpful in the engagement opportunities for your   & website.

Q&A sessions can help the audience to understand your brand and products better & extensively whereas Live video streaming can help the audience to have a realistic unfiltered personal interaction and also you can use this to show backstage content and activities to your audience.

Besides, Podcasts have loyal subscribers and active podcast updates on your website and social media can help in enhancing the engagement even further. Use these tips to start your podcast today!

  1. Start here- Finish there strategy

 The difference between social media platforms and blogs is that social media allows you to post limited character pieces of content but on your website, you have the authority to post long extensive blog posts, lengthy videos, and image hubs.

You can post short snippets of your visual and textual content on social media as anchors and then as the users to access the detailed content on your website.

This is a great way to boost your followers and engagement on both social media platforms and your website.


The key takeaway from this is that consumer experience is of prime importance in the digital landscape.

Bringing enhanced engagement opportunities to your website requires you strategically use social media.

The next step after consumer engagement is conversion and you will want to provide such a user experience that pushes the users towards the conversion funnel.

The ways are highly effective and efficient in creating a buzz, building awareness, extend exposure, improve website navigation, visual aesthetics, and most essentially increase user engagement using the combination of social media & website.

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