Identify ED by Symptoms

Identify ED by Symptoms and Cure It Before You Are Affected

ED or Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of men to get or keep an erection while doing sexual activities. Stress is the main reason for ED. It also can appear as a side effect of other medications.

Of course, it harms your health, but most of all, it hampers it harms your relationship.

Sometimes ED can be occasional, but that is a rare case. Otherwise, the ED needs quite a long time to get cured completely.

But people with ED should try to solve this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can be a reason for several other diseases.


  • Headache: Erectile Dysfunction causes excessive stress and tension. Which pressurizes our brain. And causes headaches. You will feel uneasy and uncomfortable with excessive sweat while your headache will appear.
  • Indigestion: ED medications are responsible for problems in the digestive system. The side effects of drugs create significant abnormalities in our digestion. But this problem isn’t logged lasting. When you stop taking ED medicines, so you can use Cenforce ED Pills, because this is a good pill for male dysfunction. Within a few days, everything will be normal again.
  • Body aches and pains: Some people have muscle pains and also a specific pain in the lower back during the medications of ED. If your ED does not cure immediately, then you’ll have difficulty to treat these pains.
  • Sleeplessness: You can’t get proper sleep when you are tensed for some reason. The way ED harms someone’s personal life and self-ego, it is very normal to get tensed. And if the tension stays for a long time, then it causes insomnia or sleeplessness.
  • Vision changes: After taking so much stress, along with all these medications, physical problems, your vision can also be hampered. It will not be as clear as it was. It can become blurry.
  • Affects pelvic floor muscles: Pelvic muscles are only the part (apart from the penis) where ED affects directly. It harms your sexual health pretty much.
  • Psychological problems: Brain plays a lead role in sexual activities. It is the main reason behind the creation of moods and feelings. It gets hurt during ED.

Along with an enormous headache, you will suffer from anxiety, depression, and some other mental illnesses during ED.

Erection: It is not necessary to mention that the basic symptom of ED is problems getting and keeping an erection. If you are facing trouble getting an erection for more than 2 or 3 weeks, then yes, your sexual life is in trouble. Your sexual desires will be reduced. You’ll no longer be able to get or keep an erection during intercourses.

These are the main symptoms that will help you to identify if you have an ED or not. But if you are able to understand that you have ED in the first stage, there is a chance you will not be affected much. And it will take a quite short period to get cured. So as soon as you identify them to start treatment.

Treatment Starts from Curing Symptoms

    • Blood tests and physical exam– When you are guessing that you may have ED, to get assured reach to your doctor. You can also buy Sildalist Pills at Cheap Price form Arrowmeds online pharmacy store. But the expert doctor’s advice is important. He may prefer some tests which include a physical examination of your penis, testicles, and nerves. And some blood tests to test your underlying diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, low testosterone levels, etc. It will help him to prescribe you proper medicines.
    • Psychological examination – As mentioned before, ED is related to your psychological conditions along with your physical conditions. So a psychological exam will help your therapist to know about your exact mental condition. They might ask your questions to screen for depression and other related psychological problems.

  • Diabetes – If a person gets affected by diabetes, it is close to impossible to get rid of it. This is a lifelong burden. But if you have high sugar, you can control that with the help of proper diet and medication.
  • Yoga and exercises – Keeping your body relaxed and active for all day is a big step towards a healthy lifestyle. Yoga will keep your mind and body muscles relaxed, will improve your heart, digestion and exercises are really helpful in keeping your pelvic floor muscles alright.
  • Rise early in the morning and start practicing yoga. Follow the instructions of your yoga instructor and help your body to relax.
  • Your pelvic floor muscles may be deactivated as the effect of ED. Try to activate them by following some effective exercises. You may also start cycling.
  • Proper diet – Food is the most important part of every treatment. A proper diet can increase your metabolism rate as well as can reduce the number of disorders in your body like diabetes, heart diseases, skin problems, etc. You should consult a dietitian who will make a proper diet chart according to your physical conditions. A strict diet of a minimum of 1month will increase your quality of lifestyle significantly.
  • Sound sleep – A complete sleep is the key ingredient of a healthy life. An overweight body is the nest of all diseases. Proper sleep can increase your metabolism rate and keep your body in a healthy weight. If your night sleep is not completed, no medications, no diet will work. And you’ll not get enough energy to rise early in the morning. You cannot continue your yoga exercises. So sleep at least 7 to 8 hours at night.

The Final Thing to Remember

You can’t blame anything or anybody for your inability. So stop doing this unfair to yourself and try to avoid your bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, sitting in one place for a long time, etc.  Unless the day is not far when you will be all depended on medicines, and there will be no option will remain except regrets. If bad habits trigger ED symptoms. If you don’t stop your bad habits, no treatment will be able to reduce the symptoms.

Erectile Dysfunction is enough to ruin your whole life. Your one and the only partner may no longer stay at your side. Some patients of Erectile Dysfunction become determined to finish their life because ED hurts their ego, self-confidence so much. They feel that they don’t deserve anything good from anyone anymore. So before your one disease can take all the place in your life, treat it from the root and get rid of it as soon as possible.

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