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iFunScreen Recorder – The Most Reliable Screen Recorder to Record Computer Screen

After considering several Screen Recorders available for download and use on the internet, we are confident to say that the iFunScreen Recorder beats the odds. Its simplicity and unique features place it at the top of the list of the best and most reliable screen recorder to record a PC screen.

The iFunScreen Recorder is easy-to-use and anyone can use it to record audios and videos on their computer. The program doesn’t limit you to specific lengths of videos you can record on your computer screen. You are always guaranteed high-quality videos from this software. This makes it a great option for those who want to use their videos in online marketing. Customers expect to receive exactly what they see on your marketing videos. That way, customers will order for your goods and services again and again.

Many Screen Recorders attach watermarks to the videos they record but iFunScreen Recorder is an exception. Videos recorded on this software don’t have watermarks keeping the videos clear and original. For anyone who wants to record video screenshots, online tutorials, or online conferences, it’s paramount to learn that the iFunScreen Recorder is a one-stop service for screen recording needs.

The Main Features of iFun free Screen Recorder.

Trust me, millions of people use this Screen Recorder and not because it’s free to download. We have other free to download and use programs that even came before iFun Screen Recorder but aren’t as popular as it is. The main reason why it’s much popular is the availability of outstanding features it has. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Record the Screen with Audio.

Using this Screen Recorder gives you an amazing experience when it comes to recording audio. Both the video and the audio have an outstanding quality compared to what you can get from competitors. Other than the audio in the video you are recording, you can activate the Mic to record live audio especially if you are creating video tutorials. You need this option if you are explaining to consumers how to use your new products.

  • Flexible Screen Capture.

Users of iFun Screen Recorder are not limited to the regions they can record on their computer screens. You can opt to record the entire screen or a section of it. It means you can ignore some items displayed in the original video without necessarily editing the videos.

  • No HD Recording Lagging When Recording.

Once you start screen recording your computer, the iFun online screen recorder continues without flaws until you end the process. The quality of the output videos is excellent throughout the video. This software gives you high-definition videos with 60 frames in every second.

  • You Can Edit and Convert Videos after Recording.

If you thought iFun Screen Recorder is like any other screen recording software, you are wrong. This advanced computer Screen recorder offers you free basic video editing functions. With the iFun screen recording program, you don’t require an extra video editing tool to work on the recorded videos. Again, you can use it to convert the resulting video to your preferred formats. The Screen Recorder supports more than 12 file formats because you might need them for different uses.


With all mentioned, we hope that you see why you should dispose the traditional Screen Recorders and start using the iFun Screen Recorder. With a simple interface and highly effective feature, we do not doubt that you’ll create stunning videos.

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