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Interesting Facts about People’s Camming Habits and the Rise of Live Adult Games

Camming has taken the world by storm during the pandemic, and the shift in how we watch porn has really changed things up in a good way

For many different reasons, in just the last year alone, a huge number of people around the world have gravitated towards the new exciting trend of live cam sites. These steamy live adult games and entertainment sites offer a completely different experience than ones compared to those of traditional porn sites. The ability to interact with the models opens up the door to feelings of intimacy and passion that previously was not even possible.

What are cam sites?

Cam sites are a special kind of adult entertainment website, that offers live streaming and interactive features, like live adult games, chat rooms, and more. And it’s these interactive features that make camming encounters stand out from old-school porn.

Viewers have the capability to choose a model or models of a certain sex, age, and body type. And due to the fact, that webcamming as a profession has become wildly popular recently, the options for beautiful models of all types, are practically endless.

How do they work?

During a live camming session, viewers can make special requests for the model during her performance. Of course, all webcam models are completely in control of what they decide to do while “on the job” camming, but tips in the form of tokens can work to help persuade them.

For instance, some cam models happily cater to their viewer’s many different kinks and fetishes, while other models just starting out might host private sessions and stick to more basic shows until they’re ready to get more creative. Viewers also have the option to simply shat with models, but the options surely don’t stop there.

On what devices or people watching live adult games and chats?

The camming industry has been growing right along with the ever-changing tech industry, so it’s no surprise that people can enjoy live sex chats on pretty any device with an internet connection.

Many sites like ePlay are mobile friendly. But for the best experience, watching on a large screen with high screen resolution will of course improve things. Large screens like a TV or computer monitor work best for HD viewing, but are certainly not required.

How have people’s porn watching habits changed?

People’s porn watching habits have changed, in not only which sites they’re frequenting, but also when they are watching.

Thanks to the pandemic, many people have found themselves to be working from home, and therefore, they can release sexual tension much more regularly. According to a finding fromStripChat, they say that “the week June 5 we found that an average of 158,000 out of Stripchat’s over 210,000 US-based daily users was visiting the site during traditional work hours from 10 AM to 6 PM”. That implies that over 75% of live cam users in the USA are watching and enjoying live adult games during their workday!

The same survey from the live camming site found that “70% of users use mobile devices to visit Stripchat during working hours. This means employees are working hard, and still finding time to take those much-needed breaks.”

Different kinds of camming experiences

Another reason live camming sites have become so popular is that they offer users tons of options to choose from when it comes to what kind of experience to be had. For example, with Flingster you can have quick adult video chats with strangers (but not professional cam models) from all over the world.

Some people like to just simply chat dirty talk with models, as mentioned before. While others choose to engage in live sex and engaging and exciting simultaneous masturbation. It all depends on what a person is looking for. But live adult games have definitely taken center stage recently.

Live Adult Games

On popular sites like ePlay, viewers can search through different categories of interactive and live adult games. Games like truth or dare, or “craft time”. There is even a category for cooking together with models and getting naughty in the kitchen. is leading the way for innovative live adult games on mobile devices. As seen on their website, they “make live cams easier than ever with pocket-play mobile design and one-touch controls for players.”

With tons of options and easy functionality on multiple different devices, live adult games and cam sites will continue to be favorite midday activity for people all over the world, working from home or maybe just taking their “lunch” break at home with a cam model. 

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