Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing St. Louis- Some Amazing Options

The Kitchen cabinet refacing is an easy and cost-effective way to modernize your kitchen and to provide a new look to your kitchen. To see if kitchen cabinet refacing is the right decision depends on a large number of factors such as the status of the old cabinetry, your budget, and what you want to achieve with the kitchen refacing. Another thing is that there are variations on a theme, related to kitchen cabinets refacing St. Louis. There are options provided by Fresh Faced Cabinets to fit many kitchen cabinets refacing scenarios. 


The term refacing is related to the reskinning of the old or existing cabinet with a thin veneer. Also, there are other options for refurbishing the cabinets that do not require a new veneer. 

Cabinet restoration options 

Upgrading the old, existing Cabinet may take many forms, each with its own cost and desired level of work. 

Full cabinet refacing – in the concept mentioned above, the cabinet frames and sides are covered with a thin veneer and the doors and drawers of the cabinet are replaced. This is the most expensive cabinet refurbishment offer as it involves the most expensive labor and works.

Cabinet re-dooring – it involves replacing the doors of the cabinets. This can bring about big visual change as the doors make up most of what is visible. This is to get new doors that are of a good color match with the rest of the cabinets including the drawer fronts. It’s not an issue if you paint the cabinets along with the new doors.

Cabinet refinishing –  involves changing only the finish, with no door replacement or veneering. The doors of the cabinet are removed in the refinishing process. Another type of refinishing is wall decorative painting and faux finishing. Special paint textures and effects are used or applied to the cabinet to provide them a new appearance and a new feel.

Cabinet reconditioning – it includes deep cleaning and possibly touches up of the old cabinet finish. The dirt, grease, and oils collect on the finish of the cabinet and the finish wears off, showing spots of bare wood. Reconditioning refurbishes the finish so that it appears new. It is a less costly process and is the quickest and least invasive.

Any of the above-mentioned processes can be merged also. For example, you can replace the cabinet doors and recondition the old cabinet boxes. The interior of the cabinet can be refurbished in combination with any of the above-mentioned processes. Cleaning the interior walls and shelves and applying white paint to the surfaces. This results in a cleaner and brighter cabinet interior making it easy to view the contents. 


Cabinet refacing has developed into its own industry as an effective and established alternative to complete the kitchen remodeling. As a result, there are a lot of sources for refurbishment. A clear plan on the level of restoration you wish will narrow down the options available for you.

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