Bathroom Remodeling

How Can We Give New Dimensions To Bathroom Remodeling Fairfax Va?

The place which the homeowners love to remodel is the bathrooms. In the bathroom, space is smaller so the remodeling job becomes easier. Also if the space is small it means less money required for remodeling, less paint, and flooring, few cabinets, and countertop. Below are given some tips by Boss Design Center to make the bathroom remodeling Fairfax VA more attractive keeping the process cost-effective, smooth, and efficient. 

Recess For Extra Room – When there is very little space, things such as recessed soap dishes, cabinets for medicines, and holders for toilet roll use as much available space as possible in a tiny bathroom. 

Address Bathroom Ventilation – Ventilation is required by all the bathrooms, in the form of a window or an exhaust fan. In the case of fans look at the exhaust capacity along with the noise levels. 

Plants To Add Living Color – To get the required color, put plants in the bathroom. Add a floating shelf for your trailing plants to give them a cozy home. 

Pick The Right Flooring – The flooring should be hard enough to bear the rigors of daily use. The flooring used can be ceramic and porcelain tile, vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl plank, and sheet vinyl flooring. 

Adjust Room Size With Color – If you want your bathroom to appear big, see that the color palette is in the White or light color. Dark colors make the room appear smaller. White and light color fixtures make the bathroom look brighter and bigger. You should paint the ceiling of the bathroom with white or off-white, any other color will shrink the room down. 

Bathroom Lighting Matters – A room in which people visually inspect their face and hair, lighting is very dim and is concentrated at one spot from a ceiling fixture. Add lighting around the bathroom mirror. The blinding light is not always wanted. You can use a dimmer switch to add mood to the bathroom which is perfect for a late-night relaxing bath. 

Add Freestanding Pieces – If the bathroom has enough space then it is recommended having one freestanding piece in the bathroom. To make that space available you can recess other things like clothes hampers or move hamper to another room. 

Include More Mirrors – It is generally thinking of the people that mirrors in the bathrooms are only to check the makeup or the hair. But Mirrors in the bathrooms can also be the design elements that make the room look big visually and also add light to the place. A second mirror can also be added to the primary mirror placed above the bathroom sink.

Add Extra Opportunities –  You can use hooks in a bathroom. You can place hooks, on the cabinet sides, or on the unused wall sections, or on the back of the door. 


So if you want to remodel your bathroom then you must keep the above-given tips in mind and get your bathroom remodeled within your budget and according to your choice.

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