The Great Divide - How to Make Learning Fractions Easier

The Great Divide – How to Make Learning Fractions Easier

What grade do you learn to add fractions? Subtract fractions?

Learning fractions is critical to having a good foundation for more advanced areas of math and science. Believe it or not, a fifth grader’s understanding of fractions predicts algebra learning in later years and overall math success.

No wonder elementary teachers are constantly looking for ways to foster their students’ understanding of fractions. It’s a fundamental concept!

Are you a parent teaching your student or a student learning fractions for the first time? Keep reading to learn some tips on how to learn fractions that make “the great divide” less intimidating.

Learning Fractions

Why Are Fractions So Difficult For Kids To Learn?

Sometimes we’re trying to teach kids concepts that they are not developmentally ready to understand. They need to be able to understand the reasons behind the steps in solving fraction problems.

There’s also that whole idea that fractions are scary. Teachers and parents might inadvertently convey a fear of fractions. As a result, kids develop misconceptions which hinder learning.

One of the biggest reasons that kids struggle with fractions and any other new concept is they lack the proper amount of practice. School curriculums are often designed to move on from one concept to the next without enough practice for each.

Ways To Make It Easier To Learn Fractions

With some helpful strategies, we can get kids over the obstacles that keep them from gripping these concepts. Let’s look at some ways to make learning fractions easier.

Hands on Learning

Since fractions are an abstract concept, it helps to use manipulatives so kids can see and touch the part vs. whole. You can make fraction kits with your kids that they can use for the whole fraction unit.

When they can take away parts and compare it to the whole, it’s much easier to understand how they relate to each other.

Take Extra Time on Equivalent Fractions

Understanding equivalent fractions is important so that learners see the relationship between the different denominators. Before moving on, make sure students grasp and understand why fractions are equal.

This collection of different fraction worksheets takes the learner through fraction learning progression. It starts with basic fraction skills like identifying fractions and equivalent fractions and progresses through the four basic arithmetic operations. The learning fractions worksheets start with the least complex of each type of problem and move on to more difficult ones.

Real World Applications

Anytime you can, show them real world examples of fractions. You can ask questions like what fraction of the class wears glasses? What fraction of the day is spent at recess? Ask them to split their snack in half, etc.

Learning Fractions For Beginners

Learning fractions is difficult for elementary students! It’s a concept that many children don’t master until the middle school years. When teaching and learning fractions, it’s important to not get overwhelmed. Take it step by step to master each concept before going on to the next. Be sure to drop a bookmark for easy access to all of our great content. We share information pertaining to topics like business & finance, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, health & fitness, and more.

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