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Look out for these Dirtiest Things in a Regular Commercial Building

There are many general places where you will find dirt and germs in abundance. But according to janitorial cleaning service, you will be surprised to know that there are some dirtiest places that you will find a regular commercial building. A general concept of a commercial building is that it has only offices but in reality, commercial buildings include all related to business.

Dirtiest Things in a Regular Commercial Building

The commercial buildings are as important as domestic construction. Cleanliness of the offices, retail stores, religious centers, educational institutes, recreational places, and other commercial properties is really crucial. Some of the following things and places are very well known for being dirty but you will be bewildered about the things and places that you considered clean are actually dirty.

The Bathrooms

Whether your company is cleaning bathrooms in an office or any other facility; it must be remembered that it the busiest place where almost all staff members and employees go. You must have observed that the restrooms are full of people at many times of the day so they must be cleaned not one regular but hourly basis. The sinks, taps, toilet seats and soap dispensers are the things that contain the most germs.

The Elevators

Just like the bathroom; the elevator is the place that is used by the majority. Many people touch the elevator buttons many times in a single day. As the number of people increases during the whole day; so does the contact of buttons and fingers. Businesses don’t focus on this point as there are other things and places that are considered dirtier.

Entrance to the Building

Businesses target the entrances of the building because it is the main place where clients, customers, and vendors enter. If it is dirty then it will give a bad impression of the company. But apart from this reason; it is important to clean it because people enter from outside carrying germs and dirt with them. People when to enter a commercial building; they rub their shoes on the entrance rug but there are many others who simply ignore it.

Light Switches, Handles, Door Knobs, and Buttons

These three things are the most touched by people working in a building. Everyone needs to use them at any time of the day. Cleaning these things is necessary by hiring Jan Pro OKC who is one of the best in their field; because no one knows which type of germs could have been transferred onto these items. Even the phones and intercoms in various places are the dirtiest thing you can know.

The Breakrooms

These are places exclusively used by staff members to eat during different break times. It is to be noted that these rooms have the most amount of bacteria because employees leave their uneaten food on the table or it could fall on the floor. It invites germs and bacteria which can cause many illnesses and diseases; so thorough cleaning is necessary.

Kitchen and Pantry Area

The kitchen and the pantry area is the dirtiest place in a commercial building. At many times the employees are seen dumping various cooking and eating utensils in it. If they are not washed on time then germs will develop. Even the counters are seen full of cups, plates, spoons, and glasses on it. Sometimes the utensils seem to be clean but a bad smell is coming from it; the only reason for it is that they are washed with a dirty sponge.

Tables and Chairs

It must be considered that the tables and chairs can also be dirty as many people touch it with their hands and you may know from where they have come and which types of bacteria and germs they have come in contact with. Maintaining a weekly cleaning schedule for them is essential if you want the good health of others.

The Equipment and Machinery

Every commercial building has some kind of machinery and equipment that is constant in use by all. The most commonly used are coffee machine, photocopier, vending machine, laptop, and desktops. These contain tiny spaces where dust can gather and is not easily taken out. Cleaning companies must and should use various sizes of vacuum cleaners to take out the dust.


Many people don’t bother about various electrical appliances getting dirty and becoming a good spot for germs. A refrigerator can have a great number of bacteria per inch. If the food is left inside the fridge unwatched then it can get stale and bacteria start to grow and are unhealthy for the people who put their food in it.

Carpets and Rugs

Taking care of your office employees, customers and client must be your first priority. For this reason, it is crucial that each and every area of the commercial building must be cleaned; even the rugs and carpets as they contain many unseen micro-organisms that are harmful to the health of everyone.

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