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Looking for a New Saree? Try These 4 Fabrics this Summer

The summer season is all about having fun in the sun. From brunches to outdoor parties, this is the best time for outdoorsy spirits who just want to spend time closer to nature. But with all these nice things, comes the haunting question of “what to wear”. Ideally, you want something that’s airy & lightweight, and wouldn’t stick to your body.

While there can be a bunch of options to opt for, nothing stands close to the elegance and beauty of a saree. Sarees are the true definition of understated elegance. They are timeless and sophisticated and if draped well, can be a fuss-free clothing option to wear on a hot summer day.

Red Saree

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Having said that, it’s important to choose your saree fabric mindfully, especially for summers. The idea is to go for soft, flowy fabrics that allow air circulation. Here are five such fabrics that are God-sent for summer and can be a great choice for the scorching months.

# 1 Cotton

What could be better to start the list with than this summer staple? Cotton is breathable and lightweight which makes it an excellent choice for the summer. In addition, cotton sarees are available in a bunch of bright, vibrant colours that make these sarees an ideal choice for summer soirees and luncheons.

From bold prints to dainty embroideries, you can find cotton sarees in a variety of designs and styles. Moreover, cotton sarees are easy to drape and will save you a lot of time while getting ready. So, if you’re planning to buy a new designer saree for summer, cotton fabrics can be an excellent pick for you.

# 2 Chiffon

Another flowy and breezy fabric, chiffon is one of the best picks for summers. These sarees can be draped in a bunch of ways and their sheer quality makes them an ideal pick for those laid-back summer afternoons.

A chiffon saree can be paired with a variety of blouses in different cuts. They are delicate and dainty and give a very soft and feminine vibe. Great for a romantic getaway with your loved one, these Bollywood-favourite sarees will help you channel your inner diva.

P.S – If you’re buying new saree in this fabric, remember to buy a matching satin petticoat to pair it with. The sheer fabric demands a lustrous lining on the skirt, which is why a satin petticoat is a must-have for chiffon sarees.

# 3 Khadi

If you’re a fan of modern Indie fashion, this is a fabric you should definitely check out while looking for new sarees. This fabric is made from handspun yarn and provides great comfort and breathability. While this fabric was originally available in neutral colours like cream and grey, many new arrival sarees are available in a bunch of vibrant colours too.

You can pair these sarees with cotton blouses for a relaxed look that allows you to beat the heat in style!

# 4 Chambray

Chambray is a plain woven cotton fabric that looks and feels like denim without being bulky or stiff. This fabric shares many properties with a pure cotton fabric and be easily worn in summers.

If you’re looking for a new saree for a college function or a family get-together, chambray sarees can be an excellent option for you. While there can be a bunch of places to shop for new sarees, the selection available at online retail stores like Snapdeal is unbeatable. Snapdeal is one of India’s largest online stores that offer Brand Waali Quality, Bazaar Waai Deal and lets you get your hands on high-quality new saree collections at the most affordable prices.

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