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Microsoft Azure Architect Design

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Recently Microsoft made two updates to the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification exams with effect from 30th September 2020. Exam AZ-300: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies got retired and is now replaced by the Exam-AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and the Exam AZ-301 Dumps: Microsoft Azure Architect Design got retired and replaced by the Exam AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design. There is no change in the name of the certification and the titles of exams which remained the same only the exam codes are changed to represent the changed contents. There are a few additions and a few topics stand obsolete. These details are available on the Microsoft-Azure Learn website.

Lately, I have passed the Microsoft exam AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design. This is my second exam in the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert track. With the Exam AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies already passed, this success has completed my certification requirement and now I am a proud Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Let me share my story with you. I am an IT professional working with a large enterprise. I was working as an Azure Administrator. I am a strong believer in IT certifications as I have first-hand experience to testify that. Throughout my professional career, with the help of relevant certifications, I have earned professional as well asmonetary advantages. Though I don’t believe in unnecessarily stuffing my resume with irrelevant certifications. I always believe that one should only earn those certifications that are relevant to their present jobrole or planned career path. A certification when backed by relevant experience can be a very effective tool in career advancement. Sometimes you may need a certification to switch the job role. That’s exactly my story. Last year after realizing that my job as an administrator is becoming too stagnant, I decided to upgrade my skillset switch my job role from an administrator. After thorough research, I found the Azure Solution Architect to be close to my aptitude and that the solution architect can be a good career for me. I found it to be a good bet keeping in mind my hands-on experience on the Azure platform and a solid background in cloud security.One more convincing factor was the fact that my previous experience will be counted in and won’t go wasted. Once concluding my new career pathway, I started planningmy preparation for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. That was the end of 2019 when I decided to go for Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. At the same time, I learned that Microsoft is updating the exam in 2020. So I decided to wait till the new exam AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and AZ-304 dumps: Microsoft Azure Architect Design become available. Being a certification exam veteran, I have learned a lot about how to plan for the exam.Good planning needs to be accomplished with the right training material. For training material, I always preferCrack4Sure which is my favorite training provider for the certification training resources. I have always found Crack4Sure to be updated and innovative in its training material. I selected to go with both PDF+Testing Engine from Crack4Sure. I found this combo to be the most comprehensive way for the preparatio nof a certification exam. By experiencing the real exam scenarios before going to the actual exam, you can learn a lot about how it is going to be. To evaluate your preparation status, practice questions, and answers, and practice tests are very helpful. What makesCrack4Suretraining material more authenticated is the money-back guarantee they offer for the same. I kept on preparing with a regular daily schedule. A regular time allocation will not let you feel over-burdened in the last days of your preparation. The PDF from Crack4Surehave always proved to be atrue handy companion throughout my preparations. That’s how I first managed to prepare for the exam AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies in 4 weeks. In the 5th week, I took the exam and secured a 94% score. The same way I prepared for the  Exam-AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Designin 4 weeks and passed that by getting 91% marks. That’s how I passed both of the exam AZ-303:Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and theexam-AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design in the first attempts with 8 weeksof preparation. In total it took me 10 weeks to practically earn theMicrosoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert credentials. What I have learned so far in my career is the fact that you can get any professional certification you want if you have the following with you;

  • Clear Objectives
  • Dedication
  • Persistence
  • Proper Plan
  • Right Training Material

Relevant certification is always rewarding, sometimes in the shape of instant benefit otherwise at some later stage. It helps you in advancing your career in terms of professional and financial growth.

Following is an overview of the exam AZ-304 Dumps Microsoft Azure Architect Design

Exam AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: design monitoring; design identity and security; design data storage; design business continuity; and design infrastructure.

Skills measured

  • Design monitoring (10-15%)
  • Design identity and security (25-30%)
  • Design data storage (15-20%)
  • Design business continuity (10-15%)
  • Design infrastructure (25-30%)


Cloud computing is one of the most growing segments of IT. This phenomenal expansion brings a lot of new employment opportunities.  Cloud Computing is one of the most in-demand career platforms in the IT job market. Microsoft Azure being the most favorite cloud platform in the enterprise world brings a lot of promising career opportunities for IT professionals. For those seeking a career in Azure Solutions Architecture, Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert is a great certification that brings a lot of opportunities for both types of professionals, those seeking a progressive career in the enterprise world or those looking for a career as an independent consultant for the Azure platform.

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