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Mobile Massage – 5 Things To Get In Order Before Launching Your Mobile Massage Business

With stress levels at an all-time high after the ups and downs of the year 2020, a mobile massage business might find itself well in demand. As with any business, there is a great deal of market research to conduct first. You will also need to develop a business strategy that defines your operational structure and contains a plan for acquiring new clients on a regular basis. Here are five things to get in order before launching your mobile massage business:

1. Know Your Health And Safety Protocols

Even before the pandemic, health and safety protocols were central to any business that involved physical touch between two people. You’ll need clearly communicated guidelines that establish boundaries and inform your clients of the processes and procedures you follow. 

Your health and safety protocols should also cover the relevant PPE and medical supplies which you must source from trusted and certified providers. It’s a great idea to draw from the industry best practices used by other mobile massage businesses. This ensures that you’re keeping up with the requirements of your trade. 

2. Establish Your Terms Of Service And Legalities 

Your terms of service form the backbone of your business. It’s not something you will need to go through with each client at each appointment, but it needs to be available to them as a clear point of reference. This can include considerations for what will be provided in order to deliver your service and what you will require of your clients – like a quiet space and a bed. You should also clarify in your terms of use what you will bring along – such as massage oil, towels, and sanitizing equipment. 

3. Get Your Vehicle Work-Ready

In order for a privately owned vehicle to be covered for business use, you will need to change your insurance policy accordingly. You will also need to equip your car with the necessary compartments for easy access to your working tools and improved organization. Maintaining your tools in neatly arranged compartments will reduce your stress levels when you are traveling from client to client. It will also help to portray a more professional brand image. 

4. Get Your Business Mobile-Friendly

This follows on from preparing your vehicle and kitting it out to function as an extension of your practice room. Operating a business successfully from a vehicle and relying on the space provided by your clients can be challenging. The overheads might be lower and you have the opportunity to provide a more customer-centric service with an emphasis on convenience. Make a success of it by finding innovative ways to compartmentalize your business into neat storage containers and mobile drawers. 

5. Make Use Of Technology To Handle Your Administrative Tasks Effectively

Utilizing the technological tools that are at your disposal will make it easier to run a mobile business effectively. Some of the time-consuming elements, such as taking bookings and arranging your schedule, can be automated through online tools like Calendly. Simply provide inquirers and clients with the link and they can manage their own bookings based on the available times that you have indicated. 

Ready, Steady, Go! Have you managed to get all five of these crucial mobile massage business moves in order? Next, you’ll need to consider aspects like social media and email marketing. The best way to develop a strategy that will work for your business is to pay for a consultation with a professional. The most important way to ensure you enjoy repeat business and get lots of leads through referrals is to ensure you’re using the best quality products and delivering phenomenal service. 

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