Why Brands Absolutely Adore Instagram Over Other Social Media Platforms?

Instagram has emerged as the new best social media platform and it will surely get to continue on this journey given the overall hype that has been developed around Instagram.People are absolutely crazy about Instagram; from adults to teenagers, everyone simply loves to spend their time on the platform and why wouldn’t they, the algorithm of Instagram continues to throw as many and as relevant posts as it can for them.

But it is not only the people who are absolutely amazed by the performance and settings of the platform; the brands strike the same flute. Many new brands and businesses prefer Instagram over other conventional social media platforms and there are various reasons for that, some of them are listed below;

  • To share beautiful visual content

Being visual is the new “hot” in the world of digital marketing, people are always in search of products and brands that can relate to them, tell a unique story or engage with the audience in any possible way. Instagram being an entirely visual platform takes the game right from the start, it has all the relative tools and resources the social media platforms would ever require to win the competition.

Therefore, brands are rising towards Instagram and the results and conversions in terms of sales they have been getting are simply breathtaking.

  • Winning through instream stories

Almost every social media platform out there has its own stories section but none of them come close to beating Instagram. Brands knowing that Instagram has the best and the lush story sharing feature are cashing heavily in terms of reaching their intended audience and clicking with them right from the beginning. Many people, when launching their Instagram app first view the stories section on Instagram and continue to do so until they have cleared them all, this is where the brands are placing advertisements and grabbing the attention of the people. 

  • Boosting the engagement rates

Instagram happens to be a platform that can generate a large volume of traffic, millions and millions of people around the globe use it and the engagement that they have withInstagram is simply exceptional. This is what brands also recognize and want to cash in, therefore using tags, geographic distributions, and analysis to target a specific audience that can help them to boost the engagement rates and take them sky-high.

One thing that is for sure, people are absolutely going to watch or peek through your advertisement or what you are selling, it is a little harder to avoid advertisements, and people not wanting to check what a dedicated brand is offering. If you are interested to download Instagram videos then you have come to the right place, simply copy the video link from the post that you want to download and go to and paste it into the search bar. The incredible tool will download it for you in a matter of seconds, you can store the video file directly onto your device.

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