Most Popular Sports in the US

What Are the Most Popular Sports in the US?

Survey data shows that around 57% of high school students play at least one sport. Other data also showed that the most popular sport for students was football for boys and track for girls.

As you can see, a love for popular sports usually starts in school. But even more, adults enjoy watching sports and playing sports.

When it comes to Americans, sports are a very popular pastime. That being said, there are a handful of sports that the majority of Americans enjoy the most.

Keep reading to find out what are the most popular sports in America.

Most Popular Sports in the US

American Football

When it comes to different types of sports, the most popular sports are American football. American football is the clear winner compared to what most people are interested in.

It also offers one of the highest professional levels in the world for famous athletes. The NFL has an outstanding viewership, with people loyally watching every game.

Part of why American Football is so popular is because it is rooted in American culture. It’s played everywhere, from school to college to international arenas.

In other parts of the world American football is called rugby, although these are quite different sports. Some of the most famous athletes in America are football players.

If you want to enjoy an American football game, you can buy tickets at a sports ticket site.


Another very popular option in America is baseball. It is a complex sport that requires physical prowess and plenty of patience.

Baseball games gather huge crowds of people who enjoy watching the sport. Those who play baseball are very dedicated to honing their craft.

Despite its popularity, baseball has gone down a bit in the last few years. It now falls far under American football when it comes to sports that Americans like to watch.

Baseball games are comprised of different leagues with different experiences. For instance, you may go to see a minor or a major league baseball game.


A very popular sport in America that many people enjoy is basketball. It is the second most popular option among most Americans after American football.

It is a sport that many people enjoy watching on a professional scale. But it is also enjoyed by anyone since it is not a difficult game to play.

Children play basketball in school, and many adults continue playing after. You will find many basketball areas in America where people can enjoy a game or two.


Something you may not think of as being a sport is boxing. Although it is not the traditional type of sport, this is considered to be in the sports category.

Like American football, boxing is deeply rooted in America’s history and culture. Boxing actually originated in the United States and has produced some of the best boxers in history.

Although it is not as popular as it used to be, boxing still has a huge following. It is also a sport widely enjoyed in middle school and high school among students.

Ice Hockey

A sport that America enjoys is ice hockey, despite the fact that it is primarily in Canada. It has become more popular in the United States and gathers huge crowds of fans.

Ice hockey games are intense and require a certain level of teamwork. Players are on the ice and have to get their puck into the competition’s net.

Some schools may also have ice hockey, depending on their resources. But this is usually enjoyed as a professional sport that Americans can gather to watch.


Another traditional sport you may have heard of is soccer. Soccer is enjoyed all over the world, but it is a popular option in the US among sports fans.

The World Cup originally introduced America to soccer, starting the fan base. Soccer is also a game that most Americans have enjoyed playing at some point.


Despite the reputation that golf has, many people enjoy this sport. It is not only for rich old men, as people have always thought it to be.

This is a very popular sport in America that many people enjoy as a way to relax. It is also a big professional sport that fans gather to watch for golfing tournaments.

It is a very accessible sport that anyone can pick up if they have the time. Golf courses are widely available over the US, so anyone can have access to one.


A sport that is quite popular in the US is tennis. This is one of the few sports that is dominated by women and gathers huge crowds of fans all over America.

There are many professional tennis players who have gone on to make history. But tennis can also be enjoyed by anyone who has access to a tennis court.

Why Do Americans Enjoy Sports?

Americans have always enjoyed sports as a way of entertaining themselves. Not only have most Americans enjoyed playing sports, they have upgraded to watching them.

This may be due to the fact that sports are a big part of the education system. There is a strong focus on sports in middle and high school as well as in college.

It is a great way to encourage teamwork and to stay healthy and active.

8 Popular Sports In America

If you are someone who enjoys sports, you may be wondering about the most popular sports in America. There are many examples of popular sports like American football and boxing.

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