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Our Top Five Finest Vietnamese Cuisine Picks

Our Top Five Finest Vietnamese Cuisine Picks

Vietnamese cuisine has won the hearts of people all around the world. Rapidly getting more and more popular every passing, Vietnamese food offers a vast variety of different types of foods. From spicy to sweet, vegetarian to meat-filled, diet-friendly to heavy carb, Vietnamese cuisine has it all.

Why Is Vietnamese Food So Popular?

One of the major reasons why Vietnamese cuisine stands out in European countries is because of the perfect balance of spices. Moreover, Vietnamese dishes give you the liberation and freedom to choose the ingredients which is very inclusive of vegetarians and low cholesterol tolerant people.

Another public favorite factor about Vietnamese food is that it is healthy for you as well. Most Vietnamese food barely involves oil and is very rich in Vitamins, BA, B6, zinc, copper, potassium, and magnesium. Our regular daily life foods lack these minerals that our bodies require. This makes Vietnamese food favourable for health gurus as well.

If you have not yet tried Vietnamese food, you are truly missing out on a delicious blend of flavours.

Most Famous Vietnamese Dishes That You Will Not Want To Miss Out On.


When you ask for Vietnamese food recommendations from a group of people, the first name suggestion you will get is pho. Pho is a soup noodle dish served in the broth of meat, beef, or chicken. It is served with vegetable parts of lime wedges, bean sprouts, and green vegetables such as cilantro, onions, mint, and basil. You can add chili flakes, chili sauce, or fish sauce by choice. Currently, pho takeaway by Roll’dV ietnamese Restaurant in Melbourne is your go to for the best pho you could get your hands on.

Com Tam.

A delicious and mouth-watering dish made of rice served with marinated and grilled pork chops, shredded pork skin, steamed pork, or egg quiche, and deep-fried fish patty with a fried egg,  Com Tam is personally my comfort food. Com Tam is a dish you would love if you are a fan of pork.

Bánh mi.

A fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisines, Banh mi is also known as Vietnamese baguettes. Refreshing rice buns filled with a choice of pork, beef, or any meat of choice and fresh green vegetables of Banh mi are served with sweet moreish sauce. This mouthwatering dish can be found in food carts at a very cheap price. So next time you see a Vietnamese food cart, do not pass on the chance to try Banh mi.

Bánh cuốn.

Another Vietnamese dish that made me a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, Banh Cuon is something you must try. These little rolls are wrapped in steamed and fermented dice better. Inside, you will find a filling of chopped special mushrooms and deliciously seasoned pork. The cooking process of Banh Cuon is just as intriguing as the taste of the delicious dish.

Mi vit tiem.

If you are a fan of roasted duck, Mi Vit Tiem is something you will love. A soup of rich duck broth comes with thoroughly cooked duck meat and a side of finely cooked mushrooms, mi vi tiem is the last must-try dish on our list.

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