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Paint And Glue Your Way To A Refreshed Home

Even for the novice DIY-er, there are some things around the home that can be easily repaired, revived, and rejuvenated. And, of course, there are perhaps even more things that require a professional touch. Patching up things around the home can help you save money and give you a confidence boost ahead of the next time the toilet or the gutters clog. But what exactly is it safe for the amateur to repair?

A Second Life

There are some things we can (mostly) write off straightaway, like structural damage and anything involving electricity. You should always hire a professional for major undertakings and potentially dangerous tasks like roofing. Basic pipe and toilet repair, grouting, painting, and the filling of holes are all things that can be done by amateurs with the appropriate amount of care and attention.

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It’s an opportune time to learn some basic DIY as right-to-repair laws come into force in some countries around the world. While these generally only apply to so-called white goods, like washing machines, and TVs, these regulations task manufacturers with creating better quality products and making parts widely available. It’s easy to see how these new rules could encourage individuals to undertake their own maintenance.

Having said all that, we’re going to talk about something much less time and effort-intensive today – refreshing household items. Obviously, as each item that you plan to change is made of different materials and requires its own set of tools to alter, we’ll only be discussing a general approach to household handiwork. In any case, you’ll soon be able to give a second life to those preloved objects and knickknacks.

Change of Scene

When it comes to items like coat hangers, door handles, and chipped figurines, these are easy things to fix with super glue. The adhesive industry is notable for producing high-strength products and no-nail glues are strong enough to hold shelves without needing to perforate the walls. Pattex has created a superglue gel that works in ten minutes and creates a strong bond. Some of its other products are watertight too, for bathroom fittings.

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If it’s a new look you’re after, a fresh coat of paint can completely change a room’s ambiance. For example, Frenchic Furniture Paint, from a company that fully embraces the “lazy” DIY-er, is designed for upcycling cupboards and doors. Try to make a bold statement just by just painting individual pieces of furniture a different color to the rest of the room. It’s a time and money-saving way to change a tired old scene.

You can also experiment with the wooden surfaces in your home. For instance, scratches can be repaired by filling them with wood filler and then staining the boards a darker color. Distressing wood, both inside and outside the home, is another way to enliven your furniture. Using a furniture pen, it’s even possible to age a chair or table without the mess of sanding or the fumes of wood stain.

Paraffin Wax

While many of these techniques are not so much repairs as new coverings, they produce the same effect in many scenarios, namely, furniture looks brand new. If the issue is a functional one though, such as a stuck drawer, you can lubricate the runners with paraffin wax. This inexpensive substance has applications in candlemaking but it’s also used in skateboarding to reduce friction on grinding rails.

Once again, adhesives can be used in place of nails in many scenarios. A broken table leg can be reattached without tools and upscaled in ways we’ve already discussed. As a general rule, you should try to repair the hardworking items in your home as soon as they begin to show signs of damage. It may not be possible or advisable to fix a piece of furniture that’s been held together by tape for several months. Overall, refreshing and repairing home furnishings can be a rewarding experience for even the most workshy person. It can increase the value of an older piece if you intend to sell it or simply create a new talking point in an otherwise well-worn living room. 

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