Peyronie's Disease Treatment

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment And Diagnosis

Crumb-rich or curvature of the penis is known as Peyronie’s disease. The curvature of the penis affects intercourse. It is not a congenital disease, and it can be treated effectively.

There are numerous shockwaves and other treatments to cure the scar tissues of the penis. The msinsight is working to cure men of this disease.Check Website to know the topic in detail.

 If you have a crumb-rich penis, not to worry, after a few treatments, you will experience less curvature and enjoy the sexual course.

What Is Peyronie’s Disease?

More than 1-5% of men suffer from this penile curvature disease. In this condition, the erect penis deviates upward, downwards, or sideways and affects the sexual arousal.

A curved or bent penis made intercourse quite painful for the female partner. Sexual intercourse with a bent penis is unsuccessful.

What Are The Causes Of Penile Curvature?

There are two root causes of Peyronie’s disease:

·         Congenital Penile Deviation

·         Acquired Penile Deviation

Congenital Penile Deviation:

The abnormal position of the urine outlet leads to this congenital disease. The excess growth of one side of the penis may cause deviation. This abnormal growth bent the penis towards the opposite side in copulation.

Acquired Penile Deviation:

The newly born penile deviation or Peyronie disease is considered in Acquired deviation. There are several reasons for acquired deviation: injections, trauma, sudden injury, accident, and repeated erection.


The first step towards the treatment of disease is diagnosis. The expert will diagnose and identify the Scar Tissues by a physical exam.

Physical Exam:

The doctor examines the penis when it is not erected. The length of the penis and the amount of Scar tissues will be examined in this physical test. In worse conditions, these measurements will help to sort out.


To get more information and details, it is essential to ultrasound the penis. The penis is erected by giving an injection before the examination. The ultrasound helps to cure all the abnormalities of penile deviation.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment:

The treatment depends upon the symptoms and duration of the disease. There are two phases of penile deviation.

Acute Phase:

Sudden changes and deformity of the penis during erection leads to Peyronie disease. Mostly the acute phase of penile curvature is short and lasts for a few weeks.

Chronic Phase:

If your penis is showing deformation continuously, it is the chronic phase of Peyronie disease. Do not wait further must consult a specialist for the treatment.

There is numerous treatment that can cure this disease at an early stage, such as:

·         Injections

·         Waiting

·         Traction Therapy

·         Surgery

At the chronic phase, oral medication is not effective; only the surgery can reduce the curvature of the penis.

Traction Therapy:

In traction therapy, the penis is stretched with a mechanical device for up to 30 minutes. For achieving better results, the stretching time may increase up to eight hours. It is recommended by the doctor at the early stages of penile curvature only.


The doctor recommends the surgery at the chronic phase of Peyronie’s disease. There are several surgical methods which include: incision, grafting, suturing, and penile implants.

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