OEM Perfume Packaging

Reasons for Choosing OEM Perfume Packaging

The perfume industry has always been popular and led to the development of other industries, such as perfume bottles, perfume caps, and perfume boxes. In the past few hundred years of perfume development, many famous perfume brands used to outsource perfume packaging for some purposes. In this way, OEM came into being. Today, with thousands of outsourcing manufacturers worldwide, it’s much easier than ever to build their own lineup and join the game.

In this post, we will discuss the necessity of OEM in the perfume industry and the advantages of using OEM perfume packaging to build your own perfume bottle production line.

Before we start, let’s figure out what OEM is. OEM is the abbreviation of the original equipment manufacturer, which is specially entrusted by famous brands (It usually refers to the high-level brand that has mastered the key core technology or is responsible for the design and development of production) to produce products or parts for these companies with their own factories. OEM is a game rule for international companies to find their own comparative advantages, reducing production costs, and improving brand added value. The IT industry is the most typical example.

OEM is highly popular among all kinds of industries, and it applies to the perfume industry, of course. Many famous perfume brands tend to keep long-term cooperation with qualified OEM to gain a competitive advantage. For example, Abely is the ODM &OEM of perfume bottle packaging, supporting famous perfumers around the world with high-end perfume packaging. Of course, besides the production of perfume bottles, Abely has developed mature business modes to provide a one-stop perfume packaging service from design to finished products.


The advantages of choosing OEM perfume packaging are obvious, there is always a scale economy effect in a modern production that the unit cost decreases with the expansion of the output scale. This large-scale production is conducive to the control of product manufacturing costs. Choosing OEM services means that the expansion of the output of perfume packaging not only increases the sales of products but also reduces the cost. For those who chose OEM perfume packaging, their profit margins will be higher than their own specialized production lines.

Moreover, as OEM perfume packaging specializes in producing perfume bottles, its professionalism and product quality can be guaranteed. After all, quality is very important for glass perfume bottles at any time. Meanwhile, perfume is a fast-moving consumer good. The consumption of the perfume bottle is also very high. Therefore, the mass production of OEM perfume packaging can help you increase productivity and achieve your target output faster.

In particular, if you’re a start-up in the perfume industry, you don’t have to worry about the cost of professional equipment, because OEM perfume packaging helps new companies get into business faster and occupy the market share as soon as possible.

OEM perfume

More importantly, OEM perfume packaging is essential for companies who want to enter international markets.With the mass production of perfume packaging, perfumers could sell their perfume in multiply ways, domestics and worldwide, at store and online.It increases the competitiveness of the perfume enterprise in any respect, either increase the length of the product line (introduce new products) or deepen the depth of the product line (increase the varieties of existing products).

According to the above discussion, there is no doubt that OEM perfume packaging is widely chosen in the perfume industry. In general, it can not only achieve high-quality mass production but also save costs to a certain extent. Besides, OEM perfume packaging, like Abley with rich experience, can help you quickly occupy the market share of perfume and even explore the oversea market, especially in the fast-developing industry like perfume.


If you are in need of high-end OEM perfume packaging, then why not come to Abely. You would find your answer there. They have provided high-end perfume bottle packaging for well-known niche brands in more than 30 countries and regions. Besides, Abely has successfully designed unique perfume bottle packaging for more than 80 large companies with luxury brands in the past six years. Abely is an ideal partner for your long-term business relationship as it has rich experience in OEM perfume packaging.

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