T-Shirt- An Essential Garment Since Ages

T-Shirt- An Essential Garment Since Ages

T-shirts have extreme durability, making it a multi-purpose garment with mass appeal for meeting twin needs: outer & inner-wear. Ever since their inception in 1920, they have expanded into a two-billion-dollar market offering various colors, patterns, and styles to folks, for example, the standard crew neck and V-neck and tank tops and scoop necks.

With time, t-shirts evolved from sleeves to extended, capped, yoked, short, or raglan with pockets and decorative trim. They made their unique presence felt in the world of fashion. These days the trend for printed t-shirts with political slogans, art, sports, humor, famous people, and places is rising. They have even actively contributed to marketing with companies using logo t-shirts for promotional activities at common joints, forums, and crowded places. 

Once you realize that t-shirts transformed into staple wear, it wouldn’t surprise you to notice that no matter whether you are a girl or a guy, an office-going adult or a school kid, t-shirts make so much sense now in fashion. If you are a fan of such a fashion, a t-shirt must be part of your wardrobe, but if it isn’t for now, why not pick the best one today.

But you mustn’t rush to purchase without complete Intel of the trends, patterns, and fabric quality most preferred nowadays. If you need someone to help you with that, that’s why we are here. Our online store, Bewakoof.com, has the best collection of t-shirts in India that you can find in an exciting price range.

What are the different size patterns of t-shirts?

T-shirts fit amazingly to anyone in any size, from senior citizens to adults. Adult t-shirts generally come in various sizes like small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Whereas, the sizes for toddlers are determined by the month and their weight. Additionally, to adjust with the larger heads of infants relative to their bodies, t-shirts are specially made with shoulder openings that can be fastened with buttons or snaps.

What are the different fabrics used in t-shirt manufacturing?

  • A maximum number of T-shirts are made of 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blend, or only polyester.
  • Environment-friendly manufacturers use organically grown cotton and natural dyes.
  • Stretchable T-shirts are made with knit fabrics. These are usually jerseys, rib knits, and interlock rib knits, which have two ribbed fabrics added together.
  • Some t-shirts are available in tubular form, simplifying the making process by reducing the number of seams.
  • Rib-knit fabrics are commonly used when a snugly fit desired, usually in t-shirts for women.
  • Durable interlock rib knit fabrics manufacture higher quality T-shirts.
  • Neckbands in t-shirts add support to the garment and give the neckline a more finished look.
  • Neckbands are one-by-one-inch rib knits, whereas heavier fabrics or higher quality T-shirts can need two-by-two rib knits. Neckband fabrics can be tubed rib knits of specific widths or flat fabric that must be seamed.
  • Additional T-shirt fabrics have tape or seam binding, made of twill or another stiff material. Binding reinforces the neckline and shoulder seams, and by covering the seams, it protects them from ripping apart under stress.
  • Alternatively, elastic can be used at the shoulder seams so that they remain flexible.

How important is the correct type of thread for a good quality t-shirt?

Thread is undoubtedly a crucial element in sewing any garment. Many types and colors of thread can be used to make a single T-shirt. Few manufacturers use white thread for seams on all their t-shirts, regardless of color, eliminating the extra lab involved in changing the thread.

Few of us love the t-shirts with visible top-stitching done on them with a thread color that blends with the fabric as they give a fresh appearance to your t-shirts.

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