Roopa Ganguly Takes Stand in Sushant Singh's Case

Roopa Ganguly Takes Stand in Sushant Singh’s Case | Goes Against Nepotism

Actress and BJP MP Roopa Ganguly say that she has decided not to watch movies of some actors of Bollywood who have been practicing nepotism all this time.  (Reference: ZEE News India, Jagran ) She came to this conclusion right after when 34 aged actor Sushant Singh died by hanging himself to the ceiling fan in his house in Bandra, Mumbai.

She said that she will not watch movies of certain people as they have given a message to the country that a small-town boy or girl cannot come to join the film industry. They all are practicing nepotism. She further added that parents of the Bollywood industry can definitely help their kids but not in such a way that it pushes somebody to death. She said all these over the phone to the IANS.

She has been continuously demanding a CBI inquiry for this case.

She said that there was no suicide letter or chair or stool present in the room with which he can hang himself but the Mumbai police eventually came to the conclusion that it was a suicide.

She also asked several questions that cannot go unnoticed; she raised her voice by saying that

  1. Why did the forensic team arrive a day late to the spot which raises a big question?

  1. As we see in the last picture the question arises why there were so many marks on his body if he just hung himself?

  1. Why didn’t the police seal his house yet?

  1. Where is his dog?

  1. Is it not possible that someone murdered him?

  1. Why isn’t anyone arrested yet?

  1. She also said that how can a person who was so ambitious and writes about his dreams can quit so easily?

The autopsy report says that he died because of asphyxia caused due to hanging and later the viscera reports came which also showed up to be negative.

Roopa Ganguly doesn’t doubt the capability of the Mumbai police but she wants that if agencies like CBI get involved then it would be more unbiased.

She further added that she is not raising her voice being an MP but she is doing so as a common person and said that she would like to write a letter to the home minister also requesting him to get a CBI help in this case.

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