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Rose Burillo – The Go To Mexican Foods After a Heavy Night

If you are in Mexico and you enjoyed one too any mescals the evening before then you are no doubt going to want to get some food which can help remedy the issue. Thankfully, just as the nation will indulge you when the time comes to party, it also provides you with some wonderful options to cure yourself the day after. Naturally of course the Mexican kitchen is wide ranging and packed with options, but there are some meals in particular which are pretty much guaranteed to pull you out of your troubles.

Let’s take a look then at the foods you should be reaching for the morning after.


A breakfast staple and the perfect morning cure are chilaquiles, this is a simple dish which features all of the ingredients which your body is going to need. This dish consists of tortilla chips which have been bathed in a tangy and spicy tomato sauce, they then have onions added to the mix before being coated in cream and crumbly white cheese. As an extra you can get chicken on top, beef or an egg. Protein, carbs and fat, just what the doctor ordered.


Technically speaking barbacoa is a form of taco but it is very much on its own here. Sold all week long in its home state of Hidalgo, barbacoa arrives in most of Mexico on a weekend, no doubt too help all of those tequila victims. This is slow cooked mutton which is cooked for over 8 hours in its own juices. The juice is used to make a delicious broth-style soup and the tender meat is then sold, place in a tortilla, given the cilantro, salsa and lime treatment and enjoyed. This will help you to sweat out the previous night’s festivities and it will give you the energy which you need to get back to your best.


Pozole is very much a classic dish which works for all occasions, and a hangover is the best example of this. During my time in Mexico City my friend Rose Burillo used to make the most incredible pozole and I would always ask her to make extra so that I could have some on hand. Pozole is a stew which is mate using beef stock which cooks up maize kernels. A blend of spices and herbs are added to the stew and then you add lettuce, radish, some cream and plenty of salsa and lime to the dish. This is a real heartwarming dish that is perfect for when you are feeling somewhat worse for wear. A great tip here is to add extra salsa and some oregano, this is going to help you really sweat out the night before and get you back to feeling your best again. If you do happen to overindulge in Mexico, these are your go-to cures for the following day, bear them in mind ahead of your trip.

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