Six of the Famous Spots You Must Visit on When in Turkey

Six of the Famous Spots You Must Visit on When in Turkey

Turkey is one of my favorite travel destinations. I’ve been to Turkey thrice, and I still can’t get over it. From a lit urban life to incredible historical places as well as Sufi culture, Turkey has a lot to offer. 

If you’re planning to visit abroad anytime soon, I’ll definitely recommend visiting Turkey. Its peaceful and serene environment will surely take your breath away. In this article today, I’m going to highlight six of the most famous spots that you must visit in Turkey. 

So let’s not waste another second and get this started: 

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque, also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque, is an Ottoman-era praying place for Muslims situated in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul. Constructed in the early 1600s, it still stands tall and attracts millions of tourists every year. 

It’s one of the most prominent UNESCO world heritage sites. It has six minarets, five primary domes, and eight secondary domes. It’s a fine site for people having an eye for architecture. They say it’s the last great mosque of the classical period of Ottoman (1437-1703).


Anatolia also called Asia Minor is the Asian part of the country. It’s located somewhere between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. If you’re an outdoor person, Anatolia is a place you must not miss out on. 

Anatolia is famous for its hunting destinations. Bezoar ibex, aka Anatolian wild goat, is an animal native to Iran and Turkey. People from around the world visit turkey every year for bezoar ibex hunting. Thus, it’s one place you must visit for a memorable hunting experience. 

Although you can easily find all the hunting equipment there, I suggest you carry your own as tourist spots usually quote a higher price for simpler things. All you need to do is carry a rifle, a pair of binoculars, and low-cost long-range scopes, and you’ll be good to go.


Cappadocia, a place with beautiful rock valleys is situated in central Turkey. It’s every photographer’s dream due to its astounding rock formations and incredible hot air balloon rides. For similar reasons, it has become a prime tourist destination. 

What makes it more interesting is that Cappadocia cuts through three provinces of Anatolia and spans a distance of 5,000 meters. When visiting Turkey, you must take the hot air balloon ride at Cappadocia. It will introduce you to a surreal, otherworldly landscape that you’ll cherish for life. 


It’s a small town on the western side of Turkey famous for its mineral-rich flowing thermal waters. In precise words, I’d say it’s one of the country’s most beautiful natural wonders. 

The word Pamukkale translates into a cotton caste and as the name suggests, the thermal waterfalls in Pamukkale look exactly like a cotton caste. The best part being, you can swim in Pamukkale’s thermal waters. In fact, it was initially a part of the Roman spa. 

Pamukkale attracts more than two million visitors annually, and I must say it’s worth visiting. For anyone visiting Turkey, missing out on Pamukkale would be no less than a disaster.

Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon

Ölüdeniz is a resort village situated on the southwest coast of Turkey that is famous for its blue lagoons. If you happen to be a beach person, it’s a place you must see. From skydiving and paragliding to snorkeling and scuba diving, tourists go there for a variety of activities. 

It is precisely why they say Ölüdeniz blue lagoons are no less than a heaven for adrenaline junkies. It’s Turkey’s most favorite beach for obvious reasons. Oh, and did I tell you that Ölüdeniz is included in the world’s top paragliding and sea diving destinations? Yes, that’s right. Its serene landscapes will make you forget all your worries.

Mediterranean Cruise

It won’t be fair to be in Turkey and not go to the Mediterranean coastline for a cruise. Turkish Mediterranean coastline is surreal. From cruising around to playing water games and soaking up the sun, the Mediterranean coastline has a lot to offer for adventure enthusiasts. 

Speaking of what it offers, yacht cruising is the top activity on the Mediterranean coastline. Besides that, the mini sand beaches at the Mediterranean coastline are another favorite, attracting thousands of tourists every year.

The Takeaway 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, Turkey has numerous beaches and restaurants that one must visit. Also, Turkish cuisine is incredible, so trying it out is mandatory when in Turkey.  If you ask me, I’ll suggest you try kanafeh. It’s a traditional Turkish dessert made with milk, stuffing cream, and other dairy products. Rest assured, the Turkish wonders mentioned above will take your breath away, making it a memorable trip for life. I wish you good luck, friends!

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