Welcoming a Puppy into Your Home

Bringing home a puppy is a dream almost every child has. As we grow up, sometimes life gets in the way, and we find ourselves without a furry pooch to keep us company.  When the time finally comes to bring a puppy home, it can be super exciting for the whole family. But to make sure it’s just as exciting for your new furry friend, there are plenty of things to do in preparation.

The journey home

You should bring your puppy home in a safe crate, lined with something absorbent (just in case). To keep them calm and relaxed on the way home, it’s a good idea to cover the crate with a light blanket. Depending on who you’re picking up your pooch from, they may have a few blankets or toys that smell familiar that you can take to soothe them on the journey.

Add familiarity

Similar to the blanket, ask the breeder or rescue about their favorite toys and food, so you can make sure you have plenty when they arrive in their new home. If you have a chance before collection, you could even leave a few of your own blankets with them, so they can get familiar with the smell before the journey home.

The admin

Before setting off to the pup’s new home, make sure to have any paperwork signed by the rescue or breeder. You’ll also need to register with a local vet as soon as possible. You can find your Madison vet clinic online or search for others in your area.

The vets will be able to give your pooch a full checkup and schedule any vaccinations they might need.

Let them settle in

A puppy crate isn’t just for the journey home; it will likely become their sanctuary in their first few days. Leave the door to the crate open in their designated area, so they are free to come out when they feel comfortable. No matter how tempting, you should avoid picking up your puppy or taking them out of their crate before they are ready.

Toilet training

When you arrive back at the house after you’ve collected your puppy, it’s the perfect time to introduce them to the garden, so they have the chance to go to the toilet if they need to. If they do go, make sure to offer plenty of praise and treats. When back inside, keep an eye on any telltale signs they need to use the toilet but accept there will likely be a few accidents while they’re getting used to training.

Children and other pets

If your puppy isn’t your only child, introductions should be done slowly and gradually. Kids might want to pick up their new pooch, play all day and night, but puppies need plenty of time to sleep too. For other pets, you can check out plenty of advice on how to introduce them online. Just remember, nobody expects you to be a puppy whisperer. Training and settling into your new routine will take time but be incredibly rewarding in the end.

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