Small Business Funding

5 Common Ways to Get Small Business Funding in Florida

If you’re starting a business in Florida, you’ll want to choose a smart way to finance it. Fortunately, solutions exist that provide ample funding in affordable ways. 

Before you accept any money, consider whether you’re using it for business necessities or things you want but don’t immediately need. 

Business loans

Many start-ups turn to business loans like those that AdvancePoint can help you get because they provide affordable rates and terms. It’s vital to read your loan details before signing on the dotted line, so you know how much it will cost after factoring in the origination fees, interest, and closing costs. 

Your loans can come from online lenders, local lenders, and microlenders. If you want a business loan of any type, you’ll need good credit. Many entrepreneurs must put collateral toward their loans or use their credit scores to qualify. 

Fund your business with your money

If you want to keep your Florida business yours, you could fund the entire thing yourself. Self-funding or bootstrapping means you don’t owe money to anyone, as you invest your money to achieve your dreams.

Some entrepreneurs start small with their funding and then turn to loans or other options after they get their business off the ground. 

Turn to investors

Some start-ups turn to angel investors who want to put money toward your idea. You’ll have to research to find the right people who have money to put into a new business. Most investors want something from the business, so be prepared to give up a percentage of your sales or your business as a whole. 

Before an investor looks at your idea, you’ll need to have a business plan with your plans clearly stated. They won’t invest in a dream, but they will invest in a business that will turn a profit. 

Entrepreneurs who need a little extra often turn to their family members, especially if they can earn something for their investment. Before you turn to strangers in Florida, talk to your family members. If they want to invest, work with an attorney so you and your family members can stay friendly throughout the process. 


Around the country, and in Florida, entrepreneurs are turning to crowdfunding to get money for their ideas. When you crowdfund through easy-to-use websites, you share your idea to get strangers to pledge various amounts of money to your project. You’ll need to design a clever pitch to attract buyers, but once you get attention, it’s easy to go viral. 

Factor your invoices

You can get plenty of funding for your new Florida business by selling your invoices. With invoice factoring, you sell your invoices to a company that pays a percentage of them. They cover cash flow so that you don’t have to worry about waiting for the other companies to pay them. 

Wrap up

Entrepreneurs have several options for funding a new business in Florida. From crowdfunding to working with investors, entrepreneurs can find plenty of people interested in making new ideas profitable.

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