Fun Activities That Can Ruin Your Life

Some Fun Activities That Can Ruin Your Life

Some fun activities can ruin you physically and mentally at the same time. We never notice them at first, but the fun activities turn into the worst nightmare with time. By the end of the article, you will understand how a small activity regularly can negatively shape your personality.

Non-stop Eating

Few people consider this a fun activity, going to restaurants and hotels to try new things to pretend they are real foodies.

However, suppose you are doing such things regularly. In that case, ultimately, you will get fat, and you will experience different diseases like heart issues, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

To get away from this habit, you need to understand the importance of your health over anything. This is not your flex, but this your bad habit, and to break that habit, you have to be in good company and learn to eat healthy food.

 Watching too much television

This activity is regular for everyone, and most of us don’t even bother because it is considered very normal nowadays.

However, this activity can make you weak mentally and physically. Now you would think why this happens. It is because television makes you dependent on it, and without watching it, your day would not be good.

In the morning, what you do is turn on the TV, and if you don’t get to see it for a few days, you will start to think that something is missing from your life.

Moreover, it can make your eyesight weak, and you might experience obesity too. While watching TV, if you are eating any food, you’ll eat that, ultimately leading to stomach problems and obesity.


Most of the youngsters nowadays are addicted to smoking. However, if you are a smoker, you already know, most smokers aren’t smokers due to stress or anxiety, but they start to smoke for fun with their friends.

Once you start smoking, you will not quit it quickly, and your fun activity will turn into a problem. You won’t digest the food properly because your body will need a certain amount of nicotine to perform vital functions.

Some harmful effects of smoking are mentioned below.

· You will smell bad

· Bad impression on others

· Dependency on cigarettes.

· It can cause lung cancer.

· Reduced stamina.

· Can be a cause of mouth cancer.

· Wastage of money.

Therefore, if you are into this habit or are doing it for fun, stop consuming it until it becomes a bad problem. It is not just a problem for you; it can affect the people around you as well. The probability of passive smokers getting affected by the smoke is very high. They might also experience similar problems such as shortness of breath, lung-related issues, pain in the head due to smoke, etc. It is an excellent choice to avoid smoking even occasionally.

Binge Drinking

It is common to think that people who drink alcohol occasionally think that alcohol does not negatively impact them. They are, to some extent, right. However, binge drinking can have multiple short-term and long-term effects on your health. In case you believe, you are getting into the drug trap, make sure you get yourself insurance coverage to be in rehab for rehabilitation.

 Short Term Effects

You will start to experience the effect of the alcohol within 10 -15 minutes of drinking it. Ninety percent of the alcohol goes into your liver, and it breaks it down. Generally, an average person’s liver can break down one drink per hour.

However, if the alcohol exceeds that, the alcohol concentration in your blood increases, terribly affecting your body. It can even cause your death by the alcohol poisoning or excessive vomiting that can even chock you to your vomit.

Moreover, it also increases the risk of getting injuries from mot vehicle accidents and other road accidents because you completely lose control over yourself.

Heavy consumption of alcohol in one day can cause high blood pressure and even lead to heart failure.

Lastly, it also increases the chance of unsafe sex, and it can cause unexpected pregnancy.

Long-term effects

Most people think that there are only short-term effects of binge drinking. However, in reality, it harms you in the long term too. It is because the injuries you’ll get in that period might not get fine for years.

According to the research, it is proved that people who drink occasionally but when they drink they forget the limit are more likely to face accidents.

The regular drinkers might understand how to control them when they are drunk, but occasional drinkers will lose control of themselves, resulting in accidents.

Moreover, even one day of excessive alcohol can cause multiple stomach issues, such as cancers and ulcers, which do not last overnight; they take a lot of time or might be living them. Therefore, keep yourself safe from binge drinking even if you are a regular drinker.


Numerous other fun activities will ruin your life completely. Still, the activities mentioned above are the most common ones, and most of us never bother them. It is a reminder that these activities will never get us to any suitable place.

Therefore, it is time to take the decision. For taking a decision first, you need to identify the problem, make a plan and then stay on the plan for the next few months to avoid such things. Putting all things in a nutshell, in the end, we would like to conclude that, if you are not doing this. Still, your friends and family are into these habits, ask them to leave these habits and if they resist, find a possible way such as rehabilitation or any doctor that can help them leave these things.

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