Step-by-Step guide of Awesome Content Writing

Step-by-Step guide of Awesome Content Writing

Content Writing is always a tough job for content writers. Writers always seek for new and creative ideas of content writing. In this article, we are going to learn about some fantastic ways that will add real value to your content writing skills.

Every famous content writer always starts from the trash, and works hard up on their skills and improves them. Here this post will guide you in a step by step manner to write the perfect content.

Let us discuss the creative ideas of writing the piece of perfect content.

Unique Content Writing

We all have heard the bloggers saying this, again and again, to create unique content. But what it means. It always means that your content should be plagiarised free. Or the content you will create should not be copied from somewhere else.

Adding Images and Media

The addition of media will always make your content look valuable and more attractive. Images and Media will engage the readers and readers will fall in love with your content. Content writing will always be fruitful if we use images and other media.

Check your content

Always, remember always check your content twice after writing it.  Check your content on Hemingway App, and On Grammarly. Both apps help you make your content more attractive and easy to read to users.

Optimize your content

Now it’s time for the writers to optimize the content for Search Engine Optimisation. After creating content for people or readers optimize it for Search Engine. It is only a known tough job but when you learn it, it will be easy for you.

Now let us discover the step by step guide to create the perfect content writing.

Step-1: Decide your Topic

First and foremost, think of a topic that you want to write about. Then try finding some resources on your decided topic.

Step-2: Analyse your Keywords

After deciding your topic, you have to immediately start with the keyword research. These keywords will be added to your content, so as to initially optimize your content.

Step-3: Analyse your competition in the Market

When you make a keyword list then select a focus keyword from it. Then type this focus keyword in your Google search result. Then analyze the first 5 blogs completely and pick out the unique ideas from their content. Add these ideas in your content but either copy-write or make your unique idea out of theirs.

Step-4: Write for people

Now, start writing the content. But keep this in mind that our readers our real people, not the bots or crawlers. So, write the content for them. Always keep in mind that at the time of content creation, think like a reader. Think about there need. What they want?

This will create more engagement for your readers and give you more hits.

Step-5: Check Grammarly

It’s time for a Grammarly check. Grammarly will help you in correcting the crucial Grammar mistakes ion your content. Google also like Grammarly checked the content. The content which is free of grammar mistakes has given more priority on every Search Engine.

Step-6: Check Hemingway

 Hemingway is an amazing app. It is known for its fabulous work for generating great content. copy your content and paste it in the Hemingway Editor, it will give you the score out of 10. Try to score less than 5. The greater your score, the fewer chances you have to rank on the search engine.

Step-7: Check for Uniqueness

 In this very competitive world, creating unique content is the toughest job. So, create the most unique content you can. Even after creating the content just check your article from a simple tool, that is, PLAGIARISM CHECKER by Small SEO Tools.

This tool is the most perfect tool to create unique content. It will also give you a detailed report on the plagiarised content and its sources.

Step-8: Add Media

 As mentioned above the media or images or info-graphs add value to the content. As I have said it before “Media Generates More Engagements”.

But in the greed of engagements don’t overuse the images or don’t make an image content.

If your site is about images only then it is an exception, otherwise, don’t overuse images. Google will penalize your content and make it fall under spammy links.

Though, you can use 1 image on every 180-200 words but not more than that. Not only images, but you can also add videos, info-graphs, stats, screenshots or audios. But keep the ratio in mind.

Step-9: Optimize your content for search engines (only if you are writing for a Blog or Website)

Now you are on the last stage of Content Writing and the most important too. Here in this step, you have to apply the tricks of SEO Content Writing. Some of them are mentioned as follows.

  • Add alt text in the images.
  • Always create more catchy and clickable headlines.
  • Create unique content and images too.
  • If you are adding someone else’s idea, feel free to give them credit.
  • Always fill the meta tags and meta descriptions
  • Meta tags should be creative so that users will click on them
  • Use the focused keyword in the title tag
  • Use the focus keyword in the H tags.
  • Use internal and external links both in every article.
  • Use the focused keyword in the first 100 words of the article.
  • Use the focus keyword in the alt text of images.
  • Also use LSI keywords in the content, so as to make your content completely optimized and SEO friendly.


 From the above article, we have learned that not only writing the content makes us a good content writer. We have to go to the extent of imagination to create good stuff. The more unique and creative content we create, the more readers will be gained through it.

Try to make more valuable content so that your readers will gain some important knowledge. And at the time of leaving the content, they take good feedback of your skill with them or try to create a CTA with your readers.

-Rishabh Agarwal


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