Room Heater for Winters

Steps to Choose Best Room Heater for Winters in 2020

Winters are just round the corner and getting a good room heater can prove helpful. There are a ton of different things to look for while purchasing a room heater. You will have to check its power capacity, availability of a thermostat, durability, design and so much more.

The winter season can be brutal. For that purpose, you simply must invest in a good, well-made room heater. Everyone likes sticking to their couch with a cup of coffee and a heater to keep the room cozy.

Heaters not only keep you warm, but also keep you comfortable throughout the difficult winter season. They also make for great gifts during the cold season.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind while buying room heaters.

Types of Room Heaters

Room heaters are also known as space heaters. You can find a bunch of good products available in the market with relative ease. You only need to know how exactly to go about purchasing them. Room heaters are classified into three kinds,

  • Infrared Heaters

One of the most easily found and most economical of room heaters, infrared heaters work much like a campfire would, heating up the immediate surroundings. They are ideal for smaller space and lesser people. The heater is known to heat quickly and uses way less energy than other kinds of heaters. They are also available in different sizes and power capacities. This kind uses no fans, therefore, there is excess sound produced.

  • Fan Heaters:

Fan heaters are great if you want a small heater to heat up a small space quite quickly. They do not cost a lot either and uses convection to do its job. Ceramic coils are heated, and tiny fans guide this hot air into its surroundings. They consume an average amount of electricity but are not quite in any regard. The internal fan can cause a bit of noise during use. Some models give you the option to switch off the fan as well. They are also called blowers in some regions.

  • Oil Heater:

These are one of the best and most useful heaters around. Oil heaters use oil as a heat reservoir which makes sure your room is warm and cozy long after you have switched the heater off. They do not burn atmospheric oxygen, as is the case with convection heaters, making it one of the healthier choices and a room heater that makes zero sound while switched on. People who are concerned with dry eyes, oil heaters are perfect for you. The oil in this kind of heater does not burn, but simply contains the heat and slowly dissipates it keeping your room ultra-warm.

There is also a fourth kind of heater not heavily used, but they are good at the price they are offered at. Something like the EcoHeat, a proper mix of infrared and convection heaters, this kind heats a filament and uses fans to distribute the warm air around its surrounding areas. They are portable as well and feature a plug and play feature. Read EcoHeat review for more detail.

Primary Features to look for in a Room Heater

Other than the type, there are a few things you need to be concerned about while buying yourself a room heater.

  1. Wattage: The power of the heater, or the wattage affects the heat output. Higher the wattage, better and quicker the heating. Keep in mind though, a more powerful heater will cause your electricity bills to surge as well.
  2. Power cord: Most folk tend to forget about this, but if you want a certain portability with your heater, you need a good length of power cord to go with.
  3. Portability and durability: When it comes to room heaters, they are only used during the winter time. Unless you live in a region where it is cold the entire year-round, you will make use of your room heater for only about 3 months. The good news is room heaters are a great one-time investment. If you get a good, well-made heater and make sure to take proper care of it, they can last you a lifetime. Portability is also necessary if you plan to move around your heater to different rooms. A huge heater might provide lots of heat but can also be a proper hassle to move around and deal with. A handle for example can prove quite a bit of help to move your heater around.

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