The 3 Key Benefits Of Bria Desktop API

The 3 Key Benefits Of Bria Desktop API

APIs ensure that information flows seamlessly between different programs; they are nothing new. APIs make it possible to copy and paste text between applications. Programmers can build solid programs by aligning APIs with operating systems in order to build a solid API.

In terms of API integration for business communications systems, CounterPath’s Bria is a powerful tool in a user’s workflow. Could Bria be integrated with other tools you already use? Does Bria have the potential to be automated? Is there anything you would do if Bria told your other tools you just talked to a lead for an hour? With Bria Desktop API’s developer-friendly REST API, this type of easy integration is possible. Consider three of its most powerful features:

1. Bria can be controlled remotely with API Key Benefits

With the Bria Desktop API, you can automate or remotely control Bria. Along with executing actions (e.g. answering, calling, hanging up), your application can also listen for events (e.g. incoming calls). By using these frameworks, Bria is capable of being controlled remotely. The Desktop API can be used to monitor and respond to phone calls without switching applications for businesses that heavily rely on line-of-business applications.

 Users can also create their own call screeners using Bria. Incoming calls can be dismissed or let ring automatically with the screener application using incoming call events.

2. In addition to tracking call activity, API keys provide another benefit

It is also very important to maintain a call activity log when billing against one’s hours, making sales calls, or providing customer service. In addition to providing events for answering and hanging up calls, it also displays the caller ID of the other party. Recording these events can allow an application to keep track of billable hours or contacts. An application capturing this information can be used to record calls using CRM software. With this API, CounterPath’s Bria streamlines retail communications.

Thirdly, I want to emphasise. The third key benefit of APIs is that they enable the development of third-party applications

Bria’s Desktop API provides a comprehensive set of controls and events for building integrations. As well as calling functionality, the API provides instant messaging and presence information, local call recording, and audio device information. When your application provides information about customers on its website, your employees can call your customers through their Bria desktop softphone. Additionally, they can send IMs (instant messages) as well as mute, record, and transfer.

Using Bria’s Desktop API, developers can access and control Bria’s robust unified communications solutions.

There are JavaScript, Java, and C# examples on GitHub showing how to use the API.

Interested in learning more about the CounterPath Desktop API or which UC solution is best for your business? Contact us today.

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