Arjun Ki Chaal

The Benefits that You Need to Know About Terminalia Bark (Arjun Ki Chaal)

Arjuna Tree Chaal is found everywhere in Asia especially in the Indian sub-continental regions. In this article, we will be talking about the benefits that one can receive from Arjuna Tree Bark.

The bark of this tree is white from the outside, smooth and thick. This tree bark was used as a remedy for weight loss for many years. Here we will talk about everything you need to know about the Terminalia Arjuna tree.

What Are The Properties Of Arjuna Tree?

Here are the properties of the Arjuna tree that you should know

  • It is beneficial for heart health
  • It helps in faster recovery of wounds, poisons, blood disorders, obesity, gall blasts and others.
  • It helps in making the heart muscles stronger.
  • It promotes blood circulation as it helps in the contraction of sub blood vessels.

How Much of The Arjuna Tree Bark Should be Taken?

One can take Arjun ki Chaal with 3 to 5 grams of jaggery, honey or milk and consume it at least twice a day.

What Are The Ayurvedic nature and Useful Parts Of This Tree?

The ayurvedic nature of this tree is hot and the useful parts are the roots, leaves, bark and fruit of stems.

How to Make Arjuna Bark Kshirpak and How to Use Arjuna?

The Kshirpak can be made by keeping the bark of the tree in shade and then making powder out of it. Mix it with milk or water and boil it. Once boiled, filter it and consume it.

It is highly recommended to talk to your doctor before using arjuna. It is said that an individual can use 5 ml of the arjuna juice, 20 ml brew of leaves and 2 to 4 grams of powdered bark.

How Arjuna Bark Helps in Treating Various Diseases?

Here’s to the list that will tell you how arjuna bark is beneficial in all ways.

  • Treat broken bone

Treat broken bones by mixing Arjuna tree bark powder with milk or apply the powder with one spoon of ammunition when the plaster is opened. Drinking the remedy will help in fixing the bone and offering relief from the pain.

  • Cure burns

You can apply the arjuna bark powder to the burns to cure them and reduce the pain and inflammation.

  • Heart diseases

One can take a spoon of arjuna bark powder to cure every type of heart disease. Taking this remedy will promote the healthiness of one’s heart. You can simply take it by adding it to your green tea can also cure the problems of high blood pressure.

Another remedy where you can use the arjuna bark powder with jaggery that will help in the malfunctioning of the heart. It helps in bringing the increased heart rate into a normal condition.

Make sure that you do not consume it regularly or else it can lead to heartaches, nervousness and increased heartbeat. The roasted bark powders have been considered to be better than injections and are powerful as they benefit the heart in a better way without causing harm. It prevents heart failure too.

  • Body odour

You can simply mix the bark leaves with Jamun and apply it on yourself before taking bath or mix it with lukewarm water and take a bath.

  • Mouth ulcer

Mix the bark powder with coconut oil and apply it to blisters to cure them.

  • Urine infections

Take 40 ml of the bark powder and mix with lukewarm water. Drink it to clean the infection spot.

  • Increases strength

The presence of salt and minerals empowers the heart muscles and when mixed with jaggery, milk and sugar it helps in increasing the strength of an individual.

  • Treats chronic cough

It cures chronic cough and the burning of chests.

  • Throbbing and nervousness

Take a spoon of powdered bark and mix with water and milk; add to boil. When the water gets evaporated and the milk remains half then add sugar and drink it to get rid of nervousness and throbbing. It will help in making the body strong.

  • Stomach aches

Mix the powdered bark with roasted peanut and salt as per your taste to get relief from stomach aches, kidney pain, stomach burn and more.

  • Jaundice

It’s time to mix the arjuna bark powder with some ghee and consume it daily to cure jaundice.

  • Mucous

Take some sweet oil and mix the root powder of the Arjuna tree and brush with hot water to eliminate this mucous problem.

  • Urine accumulation

Take about 30ml of decoction of the arjuna bark and cure the unexplained urine accumulation.

  • Diabetes

All you need to do is mix the bark of an arjuna tree, a Kadamba tree and bamboo and make a decoction. Now add water and boil it to benefit from diabetes.

  • Weight loss

One of the best uses of Arjuna tree bark is in cases of weight loss. It is all about mixing the powder with firewood to get Arani that will relieve obesity.

It has no harmful effects on the body and helps in obesity instantly.

  • T.B. Cough

Use the juice from the leaves of the Vasa tree and mix it with Arjuna bark powder. Add some honey when it dries and drink it to cure the cough, especially the one that leads to bleeding.

  • Earache

Simply use 3 to 4 drops of arjuna leaves juice and pour it in your ears to get rid of earache.

  • Bloody diarrhoea

Take powdered arjuna bark and mix it with cow ghee in half a pound of water. Boil it and add sugar to it. This will cure diarrhoea in no time.

  • Gonorrhoea

Take the bark of arjuna, Amalaki, neem and some turmeric with sapphire in equal amounts and grind it. Then add them to boil in some water and consume twice a day by adding some honey in it to cure the problem of gonorrhoea.

  • Concentric hysteria

You need to take arjuna tree bark powder and the root of Chawla with black sesame seeds and sugar. Put everything to dry and make a decoction with arjuna leaves. Take this medicine with the arjuna leaves every morning and evening to treat hysteria.

  • Body swelling

Simply take the bark powder with cardamom. This will strengthen the heart and cure the swelling of the body.

  • Leprosy

If you are dealing with leukaemia or leprosy, just take a spoon of the bark powder with lukewarm water to treat it.

  • Fever

Arjuna leaves can be taken to cure fever and body aches. In Spite of taking paracetamol, simply take this remedy to cure fever without any side effects.

  • Respiratory diseases

Take the bark of an arjuna tree and make powder from it. Make kheer with milk and rice and add arjuna powder to it. It will help in benefitting the respiratory diseases. We hope that the article was helpful and you now know the benefits of the arjuna tree. It comes with enormous benefits especially in treating weight problems. We hope we all can use the benefits of arjuna fully.

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