The Best Business Tools and Software

The Best Business Tools and Software

The 21st century is not like any other period of time before. We live in the digital era, and businesses need software and tools to operate all their processes successfully.

Sure, you can avoid using any helping software in your business unless it is necessary, but, frankly, your life will be so much easier if you use these magnificent tools.

But that’s not all! Using these tools can not only ease your business processes but improve them and help your company fasten its growth. Are you already excited about learning about these tools? Then keep reading!

Task managers

Let’s start with classic tools that may seem unnecessary in small companies and start-ups: task managers. But let me tell you that you can’t make a bigger mistake than ignoring task managers from the first days of your company’s existence.

Task managers like Trello and Jira help you manage all the tasks, analyze their effectiveness and optimize your working processes. If you aren’t ready to start using something professional and expensive like Jira, just start with Google Workspace. It is a nice choice for new companies, and it is free!


The next big thing in the business process is communication. You can still use Outlook email for corporate messaging, but come on, it’s 2022!

On this topic, we are pretty conservative and like tools like Slack and Flock, which give you many useful messaging features, and they are just perfect for conversations between colleagues and coworkers from different departments because you can easily find any colleague you need in your company’s system.

Marketing software

The internet has an abundance of useful marketing tools that help you create and promote your content through social media, websites, blogs, and emails. There are tools for thumbnail creation, free templates for videos and Instagram reels, tools for curating content like, etc. In the case of marketing tools, we offer you to try various apps and find ones that work best for your particular company.

However, there are marketing tools that you should start using no matter what. We mean here simply analyzing software like Google Analytics and Ahrefs. You need realistic results from your marketing strategy and tools to analyze your ups and downs. It will help you improve your strategy and make it even more effective for you.

Video conferencing tools

Unlike messengers, conferencing apps are needed for scheduled communication and meetings that can be held only in video format.

Frankly, you can use any tool you want for video conferencing: even FaceTime on your iPhone if you need to talk only with one coworker. For group meetings, we prefer using Skype, or Zoom, this symbol of the pandemic world.

They both are free to use, have a really straightforward menu, and you can initiate a conference call in a matter of seconds using these apps.

Video marketing software

We have already mentioned marketing tools, but video marketing is special even within its family. It is a very complex part of marketing, and you need many apps and programs to create nice content for your blog and social media.

We talk here about video editing software, thumbnail creators, screen capture tools for explainer videos, compressors, and good video converters. The last one is as important as editing apps because all social media have specific video formats requirements, and having a reliable video-to-MP4 converter means that you can quickly convert any file into the exact format you need.

File managers

Companies produce tons of files and documents, and you need a reliable, safe place to store these documents and have a digital archive if you need to quickly find some checks about purchasing pens for the office from 2015.

The best storage services, in our opinion, are Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud. They have an excellent security system, and your files are absolutely safe there. You can use only the free basic plan if it’s enough for you, all upgrade and get more space for a small fee.

Security software

Last but definitely not least on this list is security software. Your valuable data should be good, safe, and absolutely impossible to penetrate by outside forces. You simply don’t want to give up all your commercial and production secrets to hackers or competitors, and that is why you need security business apps.

We will start with antivirus software, the first and basic layer that helps your computer handle the most despicable internet danger called viruses. As for specific programs, we recommend you to stick with old and respectable programs like Norton 360 or McAfee. The last one is also free, but it gives you decent protection from viruses, so check it out!

Next, let’s talk about VPN, the tool you have probably heard a lot about from your favorite YouTubers. And that’s not an ad at all because we absolutely believe that using VPN is important for a company of any caliber. It is like a protective blanket that does not allow anyone on the internet to see what you are doing there.

However, sometimes data still leaks, and if it happens, you are in big trouble unless you use encoding apps. This software encodes all your data, and even if a criminal gets to your leaked information, it is very hard or even impossible for them to understand what your information is all about. We really recommend you start encoding your data because it is a very effective way to protect your company’s precious information from being used by immoral people.

Final words

The vibrant variety of business software allows a modern company owner to delegate almost all routine processes to these silent robotic friends.

We encourage you to start using these apps and widen your perspective on how easy and effortless your company’s internal processes can be. Good luck, and we hope your toolbox of business tools got a lot of new hammers today!

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