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Therapy That Saves You From Pain

Having pain in joints, in knees was earlier considered as for only the older adults, but now this situations has been for all, especially for the youngsters. Today’s youth has been facing many troubles regarding joint pains, back pains. As office going people are generally working on laptops and computers and for working on such stuff, one has to stand still. This causes neck pain, lower back pain, etc. For such thing, manual therapy is what one requires.

Meaning of Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is considered as a ‘hands-on’ treatment technique to relieve the joint pains and soft tissues. In manual therapy, the main work of the practitioners is that they use their hands to put pressure on muscle tissue and manipulate joints or the area where the pain is happening. It works for the majority of people and can be used to eliminate the-

  • Relieves the pain
  • It decreases the muscle spasm
  • It helps in improving the blood circulation
  • It helps the fluid to drain more efficiently from parts of the body
  • It helps to lengthen the soft tissue
  • Lastly, it improves the movement of different parts of the body.

Manual Therapy comes with numerous types of techniques. Manual therapy techniques work best when it is used in conjunction with the involvement of daily physical exercise and activity. Don’t do exercises on your own as the tasks will be prescribed by your physiotherapist to carry out in between the treatment sessions so that no harm can be caused.

Manual therapy includes treatments such as:

  • First is Joint mobilizations and manipulations
  • Second is soft tissue mobilization
  • Thirdly, Muscle energy techniques (MET’s)
  • And last is Mobilizations of neural tissue


When it comes to the joint mobilization, it involves loosening up of the restricted joints by applying an oscillatory movement directly into the obstruction of a joint. By moving the actual bone surfaces towards each other in ways, when the patients cannot move the joint themselves.


Joint mobilization muscular tension can often be reduced once when the joint motion is restored. However, it is quite common for a muscle spasm to remain still. This muscle spasm should not ignore at any cost as this may cause the joint problem to initiate again. Soft tissue massage done during manual therapy is another form of it that specifically targets the soft tissues of the dilated area.

Your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are known as your soft tissues.

The soft tissues generally slide and glide from one another for initiating a movement to occur frequently. But when there is a lack of this ‘sliding and gliding’ this can cause restriction of change in an area of the body leading it too painful areas.

Soft tissue mobilization or STM is used to break up the fibrous muscle tissue. For instance, the scar tissue, the move tissue fluids like swelling, and relax muscular tension. This procedure is commonly applied to the muscles that surround the joints, and it consists of rhythmic stretching and deep pressure towards the dilated area.

Soft tissue problems can also be a primary source of pain which can also be known as the Trigger points as knots in the muscle. They can also adversely affect how a muscle functions in a human body.

By getting a proper aid of these trigger points which can significantly reduce the pain and also help you get the assistance of the rehabilitation of specific muscles.


Muscle energy techniques (MET’S) are a manual therapy that allows muscles to lengthen and relax but also to normalize joint motion.

By following a 3-5 second contraction, the therapist or the practitioner takes the joint to its new obstruction area where the patient again performs a muscle contraction of the dilated area. This has to be repeated at least two or more times.

Taking therapy somewhat brings peace to a practitioners mind as they think that they can save someone from the pain. For helping such people, one needs to have manual therapy certification to do it legally. One can take proper short and long term courses according to their requirement.

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