Front-End Development & AngularJS Dashboard Templates

Things to Know About Front-End Development & AngularJS Dashboard Templates

In 2019 in the list of top frameworks for front-end development, the angular javascript framework gets number three ranking. And still, hold its Number 3 position.

Let’s talk about angular js furthermore

In 2009 Misko Hevery and Adam Adron’s created an open-source framework named “AngularJs.” 

Google maintains this Framework and uses javascript for writing code for front end development. Some other communities and developers support the Framework when they face the issues and challenges while coding.

This Framework follows the Model View Controller approach or architecture with the combination of data model binding. The Model View Controller Architecture is also abbreviated as MVC.

There is no need to learn another language or syntax for using this Framework because this Framework is based entirely on HTML and JavaScript.

Benefits to the AngularJS Framework

This Framework from the past few years, due to its benefits and popularity, is one of the most preferred frameworks for creating angular js admin, js dashboard admin templates.

These admin panels are the collection of pages created using HTML or JavaScript.

These templates have pages that are ready to use. This benefits the developers to use that and save time and quickly create the user interface for backend applications because starting everything from scratch will take time and effort. It’s a time-saving approach to use templates. You can use these and make some changes, add some plugins, and with the changes, you get what you need in less time.

Best Angular Dashboard Templates

A list of top Angular JS Dashboard for you to pick according to your requirements are mentioned here. What you have to do is pick one and start creating an attractive dashboard panel.

MaterialPro Angular Material Template from WrapPixel (Most Popular)

Angular 10 material dashboard is made to make your monitoring system simple using angular components. This template is user-friendly plus appealing, so you won’t get bored while working.  

The interface of the MaterialPro is designed by keeping the high-end sector in mind. For example, if you use it in the Pharma industry, it will cater to the following areas

  • Pharma data analytics,
  • Predictive pharma analytics
  • Health insurance dashboard
  • Medical admin dashboard.

This is a versatile and a nifty template. You can use it any kind of steering wheel of your car, that is, it can be used in any project or any industry to build any sort of admin panel.

If you purchase the premium version, you will get a lot of Angular components, multiple color schemes, readymade plugins, and most importantly easy customization.

MaterialPro Angular 10 Admin Template Features Includes

  • MaterialPro Angular 10 Admin Template comes with RTL Dashboard
  • You will get more than two unique dashboards PSDs & Adobe XD for Dashboard Pages.
  • 3000+ Font icons
  • All the pages of MaterialPro Angular 10 Admin Template will be completely responsive pages
  • Charts & tables
  • You will get sidebar themes that are Dark and light
  • Dashboard Pages PSD
  • MaterialPro Angular 10 Admin Template will include Data Tables, Validation forms, and Application Designs.
  • Widgets and UI components
  • Six color skins
  • The template comes with different demos (like horizontal menu version, mini sidebar version, dark version, etc.

Architect UI Angular Template

When your application requires simple features and lightweight, this Architect UI AngularJS Dashboard Template is for you. This fulfills all the requirements because this template is very lightweight with a limited number of components. This newly created template belongs to angular 8 that is rooted in bootstrap 4. This template is as essential for programmers as breath.

  • Updated latest components powered by bootstrap 4
  • Responsive Architecture and Screen Size Friendly.
  • Nine unique design samples
  • Two Hundred Plus Customizable components that are ready to use.
  • Different Hues Screens are available to make your app attractive and eye-catchy.
  • Documentation file for your ease of use

Monarch AngularJS Dashboard Template

This template is available in two different versions: the monarch HTML dashboard version and the other is the AngularJS version. This Temple is based on bootstrap and admin based.

This Temple is very versatile and fits into any requirements. It is also very customizable and adaptable, which makes that template famous. The programmer uses this template and adds the components they want to add to the app or project with any restriction.

  • It is a clean and minimal dashboard template. This template has a clean and minimal UI.
  • If you create an application using this, your app speed is extremely good and fast .
  • Those pgramers who have no sense of how to create attractive designs then this is for them.
  • This template includes a Chart library that is very responsive.
  • Customizable User interface elements for the ease of the developer.
  • System responsiveness template
  • Cross Browser Compatible temple
  • Very Light weight template

StartNG AngularJS DashBoard Template

The responsiveness of this design is inherited form the bootstrap 4 because this is built using Bootstrap 4. This template is used to create the project’s admin panels that need front-end templates. Code written using this is very simple and easy to understand by the developer or any beginner. The process of conversion of templates to an app or project is very simple and easy for developers.

Starting AngularJS Dashboard Template Features Includes:

  • StarNG angular js dashboard template uses the Angular-CLI tool.
  • StarNG angular js dashboard template is compatible with AngularJS.
  • StarNG angular js dashboard template is compatible with AngularJS 4.0.x.
  • StarNG angular js dashboard template is compatible with Angular 5.0.x
  • StarNG angular js dashboard template is compatible with AngularJS 6.0.x.
  • This template has very responsive layouts.
  • Less maintenance effort is required.
  • Easy to customize according to needs and the requirements of the app.
  • The pack includes ready to use or pre-made pages and different components.

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