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Things You Need to Know Before You Travel to New Delhi, India

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Surrounding with attractions for everyone including the elderly tour groups or backpackers – New Delhi has been a traveller’s paradise for a reason.

It is common for first-time travellers to preconceived ideas about this place claiming it to be unsafe, unclean and whatnot. However, if you can get over these concerns and are ready to book a DXB to Delhi flight ticket to discover this fast-urbanising metropolis, then you will surely not be disappointed.

Besides the distinctive culture, fantastic cuisine, nuanced history and vibrant atmosphere, you will definitely be left stunned by New Delhi. However, it is wise to prepare yourself for the trip beforehand so that you can have a smooth trip.

And for that, please read until the end, as we discuss some crucial aspects of this beautiful city to give you a better idea about the places. 

●    Arrival to Delhi

You are likely to land at Indira Gandhi International Airport if you have booked your DXB to Delhi flight ticket or are coming from another nation. It is suggested that you are ready early if you are looking forward to a smooth arrival as the airport remains fairly busy.

Apart from that, you must keep your identity cards close as you would be asked for at the airport. When arriving from another nation, remember to print off your visa before checking in because you will need to present a paper copy of it. Additionally, since there are no currency exchange offices outside of the airport, bring some Indian rupees with you.

●    Hotels are not Just the Only Accommodation

When looking for accommodation in Delhi, you must know that five-star hotels are not the only option. While Airbnb is great, Delhi also boasts a tonne of guesthouses that offer upscale hotel amenities in domestic situations.

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Typically, the longer you stay at a guest home, the better the price can be expected. The best part about choosing guesthouses is that you may end up getting complimentary meals as well within the package plan.

●    While You Move Around the City

Moving around in a city like Delhi is quite easy. You would find local taxis everywhere that may charge up to 400 rupees or more depending on the location you want to go to. 

Apart from that, you can take the Metro Express line, which travels to the city every 15 minutes.

The Metro Express line remains open from 5 am to 11.30 am. Also, the city has frequent and widespread public transportation that includes buses, auto rickshaws and local trains which provide affordable services for both residents and visitors.

●    Serve Your Appetite with the Best

When it comes to food, Delhi is considered one of the best cities in India that never fails. With more regional restaurants sprouting up all across the city, the options are just endless.

You can get into any renowned restaurant if you have a budget. However, when aiming not to eat up all your cash, you can try the street food that serves mouthwatering dishes incomparably. As a tourist, you are highly advised to check out the butter chicken, biryani, and nihari. Also do not forget to try the kebabs.

●    Keep a Hold on Cash

If you are from India, then you are suggested to keep some cash close by. Though most of the stores operate on credit cards and debit cards, you may still come across some that do not accept online payments.

However, there are plenty of ATMs all over the city which you can use to withdraw cash anytime. On the other hand, foreign tourists are suggested to keep cash and invest it wisely as you may find it difficult to come across a currency exchange office.

●    Try Hiring a Local Guide

As a first-time traveller to Delhi, you must know that the city may feel difficult and complicated to understand. But if you want to take a close look at the city’s history, culture and cuisine, then do not step back when it comes to hiring a local guide.

However, be wise enough not to fall for scammers. On the other hand, hiring a local guide would help you to make the most out of your trip and discover the city at its best.

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