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4 Sherwanis That Spell Regality Like No Other

Men are typically overlooked at weddings while the bride and her attire receive all the focus. But in today’s instagram era, where every little detail is valued highly, even men are making an effort to dress like kings to complement their lovely spouses.

The days when grooms had it easy and chose a basic beige or gold and white sherwani are long gone. Nowadays, most grooms are eager to step outside of their comfort zone and indulge in the newest upward menswear trends, producing some truly stunning appearances. Wedding sherwanis for the groom have changed a lot over the years, from eccentric colours to modern asymmetric cuts and layers. To make you stand out at your own wedding here’s a selection of the newest wedding sherwani styles for grooms, crafted by the celebrated wedding wear designer – Anita Dongre.

  1. Kalpit Sherwani
Kalpit Sherwani

The Kalpit Sherwani, a traditional gold tissue sherwani has a Mandarin collar that is gold-embroidered intricately with palace-inspired designs. Sherwanis by Anita Dongre have the ability to weave magic on cascading silhouettes with a touch of fantastical royalty in designer menswear. This seasoned designer has epitomised subtle elegance and old-world grandeur.

  1. Hetsya Sherwani
Hetsya Sherwani

Flowers may seem like a little too flamboyant for males, but if you’re getting married in the summer, florals are a good option as they will not only look fashionable but also help you match your bride’s sense of taste. Since it might be difficult to pull off vivid and vibrant floral prints, we have a more understated option in the form of subdued floral embroidery. The Hetsya Sherwani is a placement embroidered sherwani which is a welcome change from the traditional maroon and beige heavy work sherwanis, giving you a genuinely distinctive look.

  1. Yohan Sherwani
Yohan Sherwani

To make a good first impression on your spouse and her family, try to get pastel-like or earthy tones, like this sage green Yohan Sherwani. Nothing compares to the allure of a well-tailored, handwoven bridal sherwani made in a pastel shade to complement your magnificent personality. The classy collars and floral motifs are designed to take your magnificence up a notch.

  1. Ekram Sherwani
Ekram Sherwani

Red is not just the colour for the bride. Make a statement on your big day by dressing to the nines with this traditional wedding sherwani. The stunning hand-embroidered gilded gold and red sherwani looks timeless when worn with a smart pair of golden churidar pants, which are a mainstay of men’s wardrobes. By putting a touch of underrated splendour of a pastel-hued drape over your sherwani, you may completely change the look with simple colour blocking.

The sherwani is a prime example of the elegance and splendour of Indian regal attire. Choose one of Anita Dongre’s creations to look majestic on your wedding day.

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