Improve Physician Practice

Three Ways to Improve Physician Practice Profitability

It’s always been a challenge to manage a profitable medical practice. The complexities of patient scheduling, shrinking health insurance reimbursement rates and never-ending rules and records requirements make running even a simple practice seem overwhelming at times. Whenever you come to a clinic, even if it is a one doctor affair, you likely see multiple office personnel who are there to handle the myriad of details required just to keep the office open. Then, on top of that, you have nurses and staff who screen the patients before the doctor sees them.

When the pandemic swept thought the land, physician practices found themselves roiling in a sea of change. Heightened safety protocols were implemented to help keep staff and visiting patients safe. Many regular clients stayed away from crowded waiting rooms and doctor’s visits altogether. Instead of going to their local physician, patients sought out providers who provided remote medical care via video calls. With everything going on, it became critical to run the practice safely, efficiently and economically.

Automate Your Patient Reminder Calls

One of the biggest frustrations of running a medical practice is having to deal with patient scheduling reminder calls. Each time you reach out to a client to confirm their appointment, you can find yourself involved in a game of phone tag. If you leave a message and don’t hear back, you have to restart the call cycle and begin the process again.

When you sign up for a service that provides reminder calls for doctors, you can save substantial staff time each week. Instead of going through a constantly revised checklist of calls to make you can automate the follow up calls and let the reminders go out easily and effortlessly. Clients will also appreciate receiving the timely, professional reminders.

Reduce No-Shows and Fill Open Appointment Times

By implementing an automated reminder system, you’ll be able to increase the percentage of clients who show up for their appointments as expected. Helping patients keep their appointments is critical in a time of reduced revenue triggered by fears or restrictions due to the pandemic.

With an automated system, you’ll also know if someone has to reschedule their appointment. Having this information allows you to quickly schedule another client for that time slot. By keeping the schedule full you’ll be able to maximize patient revenues.

Provide Value-Added Educational Programs

One of the best ways to grow your practice revenue is to offer value-added educational programs. These health seminars can be offered in the early evening and can focus on helping existing patients and potential new clients understand how best to treat different conditions. You can also provide classes in subjects such as nutrition and meditation.

If you create a marketing database of patients and prospects, you can record and track their areas of interest. From there you can develop targeted email marketing campaigns tailored to each special interest group. You can also broadcast messages promoting the classes to specific individuals through your automated messaging system. In order to keep your practice on track and profits flowing during these difficult times, consider selecting and implementing an automated reminder and communication system. You’ll be able to reduce your staff’s workload, decrease no-shows and maximize your practice revenue.

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