Tips to Beat the Competition with NY SEO

Tips to Beat the Competition with NY SEO

Someone in New York is currently searching for your business. You need to be vigilant to get noticed by your potential customers. Search engine rankings play a vital role in approaching or perceiving you in this dynamic and fast-paced world.

Whatever kind of business you own, big or small, you should strive to be one step ahead of your competitors. Online marketing is highly complicated, and you need an expert who understands its nuances and delivers you the results.

Hiring a NY SEO company that utilizes the best strategies is your safest bet to help you move ahead in your niche market. SEO experts can keep an eye out for the latest search trends and equip you with the necessary tools to help you stay on top of Google results.

Before you get a piece of the highly-coveted pie, you need to do your due diligence.

Know Where You Stand

Before you start eyeing your competitor’s website traffic, understand your strengths and areas of improvement. Use Google Analytics to understand your pain points and what modifications you can make in your existing SEO campaign. These reports help you learn how your customers land your website and how long they stay on the page.

Identify Your Competitor

Not all New York businesses are your direct rivals. Identify those that serve in your location, say, Brooklyn, and who their target audience is. Dig a little deeper into their SEO campaign and find what keywords they use and how they rank online.

A comprehensive competitive analysis will reveal determiners like keyword usage, backlinks, content, and more. If your target segment is the same as theirs, an expert NY SEO company can help you plan a digital marketing campaign to outrank that website.

Compare their link building and on-page factors. Are you getting links from the same domains? If not, there may be an opportunity for you to get high-quality authority links. Use your competitor’s on-page strategy to get creative ideas on your title tags or Meta descriptions.

Plan a Solid Keyword Strategy

Perform keyword research to get the maximum returns in your SEO efforts. There are literally several hundreds and thousands of keywords that you can rank for, but choose low competition keywords for your website.

These keywords should be relevant to your business, and you rank higher for those. Examples of these may be long-tail keywords that are more targeted. When people look for something specific and are ready to purchase, they use long-tail keywords.

They use more words in their Google search, such as “2 bedroom apartments for rent in the Bronx under $1500” instead of “Bronx apartments for rent.”

If you are a real estate firm looking to improve your online rankings, targeting long-tail keywords will bring you more qualified customers that convert to paying clients.

Focus on Local SEO

As the search gets more localized by the minute, it is essential to establish yourself as a local business. When people look up similar services, they choose the one that has a verified or valid physical address.

The acronym NAP (name, address, phone number) is the key to attract local customers. If you live in Long Beach and search for something as simple as “dog groomers,” the results are bound to be businesses near you, even if you did not enter the location.

The secret behind this is that all the websites that show up on the first page use local SEO. Therefore, put your contact info (NAP) on important pages of your website.

List your business on Google My Business page to manage your online presence, interact with your customers, and more. This way, people can find you better and leave reviews that can up your rankings as well.

Remember to add the right category for your business and refrain from using unnecessary descriptions in your business name, such as using a keyword that is not permitted.

Create Content That Appeals to the Buyer’s Persona

Webmasters in an experienced NY SEO company should tell you how compelling and engaging content can attract new clients. Whether you use – organic SEO or paid search, it all comes down to the content.

Your content must be informative, fresh, relevant, and readable by people and search engine robots. Begin with the user’s intent in mind. When people enjoy reading your posts, they tend to spend more time on your website and look around related pages.

Establish a strong link structure that connects your web pages internally to communicate your value proposition. Adding social media buttons can also increase the chances of your content getting shared and going viral. The traffic shoots through the roof with the number of backlinks you get.

Improve the User Experience

Create a user-friendly website that can enhance your relationships with potential customers and help retain your existing clients. Begin with the page speed.

Google’s algorithms depend on various factors to rank your site, one of which is the page load time. Around 47% of users feel that a web page should load in under 2 seconds.

Lagging load times can not only decrease your website’s exposure significantly but also put a damper in the possible conversions. So, improving the UX is essential to increase the click-through-rate (CTR).

Make your website mobile-friendly. Getting the pages to appear the same across all devices is the main criterion of a responsive approach. Obtain an SSL security certificate so Google crawlers can identify your HTTPS site as authentic and give it a favorable ranking.

Avoid Google Penalties

Keep yourself knowledgeable about the latest SEO news and Google algorithm updates. Websites that do not adhere to Google’s guidelines have been penalized for spammy links, unnatural content, keyword stuffing, and other reasons.

Getting penalized will drop your rankings and decrease your organic traffic. If your site has a penalty, fix the issue by clearing the low-quality backlinks or ad-heavy content. Figure out which violation got your site penalized and remedy it.

SEO, like any other marketing trend, is mostly aligned with user behavior. To beat the competition and make your mark, you need the assistance of a successful NY SEO company.

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